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(law) a judicial remedy issued in order to prohibit a party from doing or continuing to do a certain activity

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In April 2015, the ACUA and NCUA issued a cease and desist order.
In addition, the Banking and Securities Commission affirmed one Summary Order to Cease and Desist for violations of the Pennsylvania Securities Act of 1972.
He did not provide written information on the financial state of Berjac or the risk associated with the investments, according to the state's cease and desist order, nor did he tell the investors that the state had previously issued a cease and desist order against Berjac.
Bank of the Orient, San Francisco, California Cease and desist order dated May 7, 2002 Terminated April 18, 2005
Accordingly, the court found that the Department did not err in ordering her to cease and desist in the practice of nurse midwifery.
Everything you need to know in 60 minutes to defend your clients against cease and desist letters from bullying trademark owners
Another legal source whose firm previously dealt with the cooperative, said Alabama One simply failed to convince the judge that it would suffer irreparable harm from the cease and desist order if the agency was not restrained.
The bank said that it has adhered to all conditions that had been mentioned in the Cease and Desist order issued by the FDIC.
The department issued a cease and desist order against an Internet payday lender after receiving complaints from a Pennsylvania consumer who was charged interest and fees in excess of state law.
14 and quickly followed up with a cease and desist order Jan.
For these reasons, the Board orders the issuance of the attached Order of Prohibition against Respondent Carl Thomas, as well as the Cease and Desist Order against all Respondents.
It includes data on standards for ensuring security, audit and examination guidelines, what new laws and regulations require and compliance actions that should be taken to avoid federal cease and desist orders.
State Department lifted a cease and desist order while the school applies for a defense trade license.
The $613 million Alabama One Credit Union filed suit in state court to block a cease and desist order from the Alabama Credit Union Administration that the NCUA affirmed.
Open Bank, a community bank that is headquartered in Los Angeles, has announced that a cease and desist order that was in force against it has been lifted.