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Synonyms for Caesar

conqueror of Gaul and master of Italy (100-44 BC)

United States comedian who pioneered comedy television shows (born 1922)

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Leaders learned that the jobs replacing those at the blue jeans plant were "lower-paying jobs like Sea World, jobs on the river or tourist jobs that paid minimum wage," Ceasar said.
Two weeks before Kinyua attacked Ceasar, campus police were told that Kinyua had thrown a rock at an apartment window and that a person fitting his description was seen with a machete.
Although painting is his true passion, Ceasar ended up taking Commerce at the University of Santo Tomas at the wishes of his father.
In death, Officer Ceasar Borja became a symbol of the sacrifice and dedication made by thousands of first responders, construction workers and everyday New Yorkers on and after September 11, 2001.
IMAGINE a play whose characters include legendary post-war US comedians Mel Brookes, Sid Ceasar and Neil Simon.
7, CSUN 2: Drew Aguailar went 2 for 4 with a RBI and was one of the few CSUN hitters effective against pitcher Ceasar Ramos, who pitched seven-plus innings with seven strikeouts for host Long Beach State (25-12, 6-1).
The acquisition would be made by a new holding company called Ceasar, controlled by EQT IV Fund, part of EQT Group, which is ultimately controlled by the Swedish investment company Investor AB.
Founded in 1994, thecompany is joint-owned by Mark Hales, his wife Claire and her parents Jim and Birdie Ceasar.
The debate will pit Mitchell Ceasar, chair of the Broward County Democratic Executive Committee, and Kevin Tynan, chair of the Broward County Republican Executive Committee.
Ceasar the police dog got his man ( and then found the stolen car he'd been driving.
She wanted another heavy horse to eventually replace Ceasar, the children's favourite on the Home Farm.
What was important for us," says Torbjorn Ceasar, Fruitline's CEO, "and what Cap Gemini Ernst & Young clearly delivers is an international network of technical and operational resources.
Apollo Enterprise Solutions LLC (Apollo), the leading provider of web-based payment and collection technology, announced today that Ceasar Verdelli has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer.
With the human army methodically wiping out apes, Ceasar is forced to make a huge decision to either fight and end the war, or watch his kind be wiped out from the planet.
Coral Golden Sprint Coral (final, March 18): 8 Laughing Gravy, Scolari Sound, 10 Evanta Fantasy, 12 Droopys Sarafina, 14 Bramble Bruno, Broadway Turbine, Swamp Thing, You Never Listen, 16 Aayamzamone, Canvas Costa, Castell Henry, Sneezys Hero, 20 Ballymac Victor, Blakes Turbo, Dawsons Waft, Oakfield Ceasar, Pass To Go, 25 bar.