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a member of an Iroquoian people formerly living around Cayuga Lake in New York State

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the Iroquoian language spoken by the Cayuga

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Although this new edition is most welcomed by this reviewer, the book would have been even more valuable if it had been annotated with biographical notes about the specific Seneca and Cayuga Indians mentioned and added background material to explain what was being described in the text about Iroquoian ceremonies.
A voice for all Cayugas - and stringent accountability.
The first order of business for the new government will be to set up a more open and responsive means for Cayugas to communicate with their new representatives.
The Cayuga Nation of New York today submitted to the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs the certified results of its recent election.
Empire has had a longstanding development agreement with Empire Resorts for the construction of the Cayuga Catskill Resort at Monticello Raceway and which allows Empire to advance funds to the Nation periodically.
While the Tuteloes appear to have accepted the site from the Cayugas following their 1753 adoption into the League, the first record at the village is not given until much later.
In its original formation, the Great League was composed of five nations, including three as elder brothers, the Mohawks, Onondagas, and Senecas, and two, the Oneidas and Cayugas, as younger brothers.
These younger members, originally two in number, the Oneidas and Cayugas, had afterwards an important accession in the Tuscarora nation; and in later years several smaller tribes, or, as they were styled, additional braces of the Extended House, were received,--Tuteloes, Nanticokes, Delawares and others.
The Tuscaroras subsequently were seated within the council on the side of the "younger brothers" that was reserved for the Oneidas and Cayugas.
The decision denied the Oneidas, and other nations like the Cayugas, the ability to buy land and convert it to sovereign territory.
A survey taken last month found that the top priority for Cayugas was to have their nation speak "with one voice.
Approximately one third of New York Cayugas live out-of-state.
The text of the ballot question asked voters to approve the creation of a provisional Cayuga Nation Council authorized to set policies for the nation by referendum and to conduct the business of the nation, including land claims negotiations.
This clear judgment from the 2nd Circuit will allow both parties to now focus on the issue at hand - revenue and economic growth for the taxpayers of the State of New York and the people of the Cayuga Nation.
Together with the Cayuga Nation of New York, Empire has also announced plans to develop a $500 million "Class III" Native American casino and resort on a site adjacent to the Raceway, and the company is also working to develop other gaming and non-gaming resort projects in the Catskill's region.