Cayuga Lake

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a glacial lake in central New York


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Backcock said, 'Cayuga Lake National Bank has been a requested organisation for many years, and I will work tirelessly with the management team to ensure another 155 years of success.
He thinks the western side of Cayuga Lake offers the most potential for this cultivar.
If you're trekking around Cayuga Lake and enjoying the local fare and wine, the Inns of Aurora offers luxurious boutique guest rooms on the shores of the lake (
Regis River and Oneida Lake) have received the most intense stocking efforts with less intensive stockings in others waters (Cayuga Lake, Genesee River, Raquette River and St.
I have started a new biweekly, half-hour show called Cayuga Lake Heritage, featuring the natural and cultural heritage of the 38-mile-long Finger Lake that begins at Ithaca.
Locations on Cayuga Lake included Long Point State Park (42.71N, -76.70W), Wells College (42.74, -76.69), Stewart Park (42.46, -76.5), Myers Point (42.54, -76.66), Taughannock Falls State Park (42.54, -76.59), Cayuga Lake State Park (42.89, -76.85), and Cass Park (42.46, 76.51).
We also stopped for some amazing tastings of hard ciders at the Bellwether Cidery on Cayuga Lake (
takes water from 250 feet (76 m) below the surface of Cayuga Lake, at a temperature of about 39[degrees]F (4[degrees]C).
Cornell University has been taking advantage of its position on the shores of Cayuga Lake since July 2000 by using Lake Source Cooling for air conditioning on campus.
Situated at the southern tail of the longest of the Finger Lakes, Cayuga Lake, Ithaca has the feel of a university town (both Cornell University and Ithaca College have campuses here) with its small-town atmosphere.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this region could have a great future with this most temperamental, sublime--and lately fashionable--red grape." Hosmer Winery, on the western shore of Cayuga Lake, has won gold medals from the Tasters Guild International Wine Competition for its Cabernet Franc and its Estate Red, a blend of Cabernet Franc and DeChaunac, a native grape.
Catherines, Ontario, conducted a year-long study of various pipe line materials and chose a 63-inch outside diameter Sclairpipe for the 1.9-mile intake from Cayuga Lake.
(31) By September 1753, during the great Council of the Six Nations held at Onondaga, the Cayugas resolved to a "'strengthening [of] their castle' by taking in the Tedarighroones." (32) Shortly thereafter, the Tuteloes are thought to have relocated near to their sponsors at the south end of Cayuga Lake in New York at present-day Ithaca.
"Sadly, for years I have had to say no," said Saltonstall, who has 27 acres of grapes overlooking Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.
"You can't see the 42-inch, high-density plastic pipes from the top of Cornell University's McGraw Tower, but they're there, snaking up Ithaca's trademark gorges to "the campus on the hill." Filled with water drawn from the icy depths of Cayuga Lake, the pipes make Cornell's experimental air conditioning initiative, Lake Source Cooling (LSC), possible.