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a coral reef off the southern coast of Florida

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The Bahamas is a coral-based archipelago of more than 700 islands and 2,500 cays sprinkled across 100,000 square miles of the Caribbean, with over 340 bird species and vital pockets of marine and coastal biodiversity.
I am happy to say that Little Grand Cay is alive and well and construction of more hotel rooms is underway.
In contrast, Northeast Cay, known locally as Parola, which means lighthouse in the Philippine language, has no lighthouse.
We chose Twin Cays because of its small size; proximity to Carrie Bow Cay, the Smithsonian Marine Station in Belize; and prior knowledge that placozoans occur in this region.
The lizard was believed to be extinct during the early twentieth century, but it was rediscovered in 1937 on Green Cay and Protestant Cay, two of the three islands.
If $15,000 a week doesn't leave a dent in your Italian leather wallet and over-the-top indulgence is your goal, consider renting Musha Cay or Richard Branson's Necker Island.
In the first year (1989) the cays were visually searched, using nondestructive hand collecting techniques (i.
The generators' major prime power consumers include: Chub Cay Club resort and marina; the modest collection of town houses and ocean-front villas; the island's airport; a reverse osmosis (R/O) fresh water production system; and various communication systems.
Three clod cards were placed at each windward and leeward location on Wee Wee and Spruce cays in January 1992.
Conservationists and the Miskito Indians had hoped that, by establishing a protected area, they could better manage the rich resources of the Cays and gain some protection from the lobster "pirates.
For bohemians, Treasure Cay Beach Hotel and Villas is an all-incomplete property complete with 150-slip marina, 18-hole golf course, tennis courts and a three-and-one-half-mile-long beach.
The cays remain largely unexplored by archaeologists, so Marco Gonzalez may be an atypical site," Pendergast remarks.
Dellis Cay is a 560-acre private island in the Turks and Caicos Islands which are located 575 miles south of Miami, Florida, and comprise eight major islands and numerous uninhabited and protected cays.
Within 3 months: 99% in New Providence and 80% in Grand Bahama; Within 6 months: 75% in each of the islands of Eleuthera, Abaco, Bimini, Andros and Exuma (including Black Point, Little Farmers Cay, Staniel Cay and Stocking Island); Within 8 months: 85% in Andros and 99% in each of the islands of Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, Abaco, Bimini and Exuma (Including Black Point, Little Farmers Cay, Staniel Cay and Stocking Island) Within 12 months: 99% in each of the islands of Andros, Cat Island, Long Island, San Salvador, Berry Islands, Inagua and Ragged Island; Within 18 months: 99% in each of the islands of Acklins, Crooked Island, Long Cay, Rum Cay and Mayaguana; and Within 24 months: 80% in each of the remaining Exuma Cays.
Over the years, however, I've gravitated to waters fronting the open Atlantic, on the eastern rim of the Abaco Cays.