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a British colony in the Caribbean to the northwest of Jamaica

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Further, the company mentioned that new purchasers at Grand Caymanian Resort will be enrolled as individual members of Interval International and also become Interval Gold members, with many flexible exchange opportunities and upgraded benefits and services.
It is believed that several Caymanians have been laid off by the French bank and rumours are rife that the bank is planning to shut down its unit in the region.
Regardless, in furnishing a satisfactory response for the atypical termination of apprenticeship in this island, we must first look at confirmation that former Caymanian slaveholders, like their counterparts across the British West Indies, resented the social changes generated by emancipation, apprenticeship, and absolute freedom.
It provides historical values for the Caymanian personal accident and health insurance market for the report's 2008-2012 review period and forecast figures for the 2012-2017 forecast period
31) This is not fully accurate, as Tidewater Barbados itself is owned by a Caymanian entity, which in turn is owned by Tidewater Inc.
His statement comes after the government of Cayman Islands disclosed the deal, some details of which were published late yesterday in the Caymanian Compass publication.
It showcases 40 years of Caymanian art in a plush exhibition space and sculptured garden.
Education is compulsory to the age of 16 and is free to all Caymanian children.
Securing residency would simplify business transactions for those who travel often to the British Caribbean territory, and it could eliminate the need to obtain a Caymanian business partner, said press secretary Charles Glidden.
She edited the official history of Cayman Islands, Founded Upon the Seas: A History of the Cayman Islands and their People, and assisted with the writing of Hearts and Sails, which records the tradition of the Caymanian Catboat.
A general introduction includes a discussion of the affinities and size of the Caymanian butterfly fauna.
Theresa Foster, one of the owners of the Grand Caymanian Resort, said Gustav didn't look as threatening as Hurricane Ivan, which destroyed 70% of Grand Cayman's buildings four years ago.
Frazer said he had applied for Caymanian status, which allows an expat worker the same rights as a Caymanian.
Set in the idyllic tropical paradise of the Cayman Islands, the film was written and directed by music video director and native Caymanian Frank E Flowers.