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a coral reef off the southern coast of Florida

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Identical parasite barcodes were identified in Deschappelles in 2006 and Les Cayes in 2007; highly related parasites were also identified in Miragoane in 2006 and Les Cayes in 2007 and in Deschappelles in 2006 and 2007.
The volunteers will fly into Haiti and then drive six hours to Les Cayes, where they will be working with local children and the elderly.
San Pedro, a town on the southern part of the island of Ambergris Caye, in the Belize District, used to be a sleepy fishing village until word of its natural beauty got around and it became one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Caribbean, widely recommended in most travel guides as an ideal location for scuba diving.
Police are trying to trace a Canadian backpacker, Mathew Cayes, who they believe may have spoken to Mr Neale before he left.
At least 5,000 people in Les Cayes were in shelters, said Jean-Renand Valiere, a co-ordinator for the civil protection department.
Cayes are small low-lying islands usually located on coral reefs or sand banks.
FOKAL responded by hiring staff and creating a summer day camp at the Monique Calixte Library in downtovn Port-au-Prince and the library in Haiti's fourth largest city, Les Cayes, in the south.
In neighbouring Haiti, the storm's leading edge forced piles of sand and water up to knee-high in Les Cayes.
Meanwhile, police abandoned Haiti's third-largest city, Les Cayes, yesterday.
Soged), TVIG also improved power generation in the cities of Cap Haitien, Les Cayes, and Jeremie.
The abundant wildlife, Mayan ruins, spectacular barrier reef, and unique little atolls called cayes make the country an inviting destination.
Jutting down from the Yucatan Peninsula and descending almost to the Guatemalan border are a sprinkling of jewel-like cayes with picturesque names like Half Moon, Ambergris and Laughing Bird.
troops in the town of Les Cayes discovered a prison with thirty Haitians crammed into a small cell, where one man had been confined in the same position for so long that portions of his skin had rotted off.
Born in Les Cayes, Santo Domingo (now Haiti), the son of a French naval officer and a Creole woman, Audubon was educated in France.