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English printer who in 1474 printed the first book in English (1422-1491)

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Blake, Caxton and his World, London, Andre Deutsch, 1969; and L.
This committee is looking at buying back company stock, an option that Caxton had urged the company to start doing "promptly.
The Caxton name in Wales has long been a well respected one and the foundation on which the success in this business has been built.
Watkins will remain focused on publishing alternative health, personal enlightenment and ancient wisdom titles, which has revitalised the imprint after owners Caxton Publishing Group released 20 titles in the spring, some from the failed publisher Element's list.
And the absence of Caxton, Napster, Universal Product Code, James Dewar, China (to mention just a few proper nouns in the text I tried to look up) from the index is scandalous.
It took a very wide range of reading, in manuscripts and printed volumes (from Caxton on), to assemble enough material to sustain this study.
RICHARD JOHNSON was also in cracking form, landing a treble by taking the two-mile-three-furlong novice hurdle on Caxton Star, the two-mile-four-furlong handicap chase on Hailstorm and the three-mile-one-furlong handicap chase on Dragon King.
Wine company Robert Mondavi has named Noel Reidy, formerly of Caxton Wines, as its new general manager.
The Caxton Block Building, whose anchor tenant just happens to have been the project's designer, is a perfect example of using existing elements to create sleek, beautiful office space.
Stimson Lane Vineyards & Estates has announced that Caxton Wines-Group Pernod Ricard will be the exclusive importer of Stimson Lane wines in the United Kingdom.
We're offering two readers the chance to win a year's free video rental plus three cases of Caxton Wine - the perfect combination for a cosy night in.
The Orrery: Computer Models of Astronomical Systems, Caxton C.
The project was underwritten by Bruce Kovner, chairman of the Caxton Corporation (an investment management company) and collector of Moser's and other fine bookmakers' work, who upon first meeting Moser several years ago asked, "What have you always wanted to do that you haven't done yet?
The rest of the top 10 were William Caxton, the first English printer (1422-91); Charles Darwin, the evolutionary biologist (1809-92); the 1st Duke of Wellington, the victor of Waterloo (1769-1852); Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603); William the Conqueror (1027-87); Alfred the Great (849-99), and the explorer Capt.
The editing too, though always intelligent, is not what that subtitle implies: about a quarter of the emendations in a specimen section had been helped out from the Caxton.