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Synonyms for caveman

someone who lives in a cave

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And so what if cavemen never encountered whale-like creatures that walked on land?
And the fact cavemen had to rely on their wits should prove they were not thick, Professor Shea claims.
A special morphing feature allows male site visitors to look their best as cavemen suitors, and gives female visitors a glimpse into the future at what their cavebaby offspring might look like.
Meet three cavemen who have successfully made the move to San Diego and are just trying to fit in.
Yes, we all know of the talents of many Welsh people in this respect; but equally, considerable numbers of the Cymry have voices like fire alarms and senses of rhythm that bring to mind - well, cavemen banging on logs.
press tour, several scribes criticized the show for its take on race--with the show's cavemen experiencing the same kind of stereotypes that minorities (particularly African-Americans) experience in real life.
Being Cro-Magnon in the 21st century is hard enough, but could the cavemen also be gay?
Our fascination with chance dates to prehistoric times, when cavemen rolled dice made of sheep bones.
A horde of body-slapping cavemen suddenly shed their scraggly duds, transforming themselves into a chorus line of bikini-clad Adonises.
Circus, bellowing aloud like a monkey lost in space, rapping about cavemen, robots, and everything in between.
WASHINGTON -- The more the Cavemen try to distance themselves from GEICO, the more attention they bring to the auto insurer, all of which helps GEICO keep on its record growth pace.
THE team behind the hit Shaun The Sheep film have announced a new big-screen prehistoricera adventure about inept cavemen.
The Axemen lost their fourth straight Friday night, falling 31-14 to the visiting Cavemen in a Class 6A Special District 1 football game.