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English nurse who remained in Brussels after the German occupation in order to help Allied prisoners escape

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Dame Christine Beasley, former chief nursing officer and now a patron of the Cavell Nurses' Trust, said: "I was very distressed to read these findings.
Cavell Nurses' Trust, as it is now called, gives welfare support to nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants experiencing financial or personal hardship, often because of illness, domestic abuse, disability, working poverty and older age.
Cavell Group provides consultancy, professional services and technical training projects in well over 30 countries around the world.
Bearing details of her training and experience, the faded forms make fascinating reading considering how Cavell later found fame not only as a wartime heroine but also as pioneer of modern nursing.
Cavell eventually provided certi-fied trained nurses for 37 institutions and she formed a Red Cross hospital in Brussels and nursed wounded German and Belgian soldiers after war broke out in 1914.
After the war Australians learnt about the efforts of Ms Cavell and raised money to perpetuate her memory by providing a rest home for nurses returning from both World Wars.
Recent discoveries by Dame Stella Rimington (ex-head of MI5) in the Belgian archives has shown that coded messages were certainly being smuggled out of Belgium, via the soldiers helped by Cavell and her large network.
The editors offer several reasons why philosophers have so far overlooked or avoided Thoreau despite the fact that, according to Cavell, his work embodies a rigorous "mode of conceptual accuracy," despite his obvious familiarity with Western and Asian philosophical resources, and despite what several contributors here regard as clear anticipations not only of American pragmatism but also phenomenology.
Separated by exactly 100 years, a war correspondent awaits execution in the Middle East on the anniversary of World War I nurse Edith Cavell being shot as a spy by the Germans.
The group of nine, who are studying at the University of South Wales, are setting off for Canada on Saturday to take on the Mount Cavell Challenge - which will see them undergo a week of physical and mental challenges on the 3,363-metre Mount Edith Cavell, which is in the country's Alberta province.
AWELSH mum related to legendary World War I nurse Edith Cavell has named her daughter in honour of her famous ancestor.
UK-based business technology and services provider Xchanging plc has completed its acquisition of UK-based spend analytics company Spikes Cavell Analytic Ltd.
While this suggestion is never fully substantiated by Cavell himself it is, as I hope to demonstrate here, possible to provide an account of what a perfectionist Endgame might look like by drawing on a range of Cavell's texts, from his early essay on Endgame through to his recent study Cities of Words: Pedagogical Letters on a Register of the Moral Life (2004).