caveat emptor

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a commercial principle that without a warranty the buyer takes upon himself the risk of quality

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A number of credit card issuers have adopted a caveat venditor philosophy and not only complied with legal standards for the industry, but have gone beyond the letter of the law and made significant investments in educational and supportive training programs and materials for the students market.
If the company is not managing risks posed effectively, then a philosophical shift towards a caveat venditor position (where consumer interests are more prioritized) should occur.
let the buyer beware), establishing a consumer sovereignty position whereby a measure of responsibility is placed with the consumer, and creating a caveat venditor environment that protects the consumer (i.
When consumer unrest has been identified as a significant force in the marketplace and consumer sovereignty dimensions are deficient, then marketing managers must make a philosophical shift towards a more ethical caveat venditor philosophy wherein consumer interests and sovereignty are prioritized to a greater degree so the power balance between producer and consumer interests is less suspect, even at the expense of profit maximization.