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someone who lives in a cave

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Their world receives another shock when capitalistic Lord Nooth (Tom Hiddleston), a villainous, Bronze Age bureaucrat from a nearby kingdom, invades their valley and kicks the cave men out.
Cave men actually survived, or none of us would be here now.
Paul Davies (above left) and Karl Langford made sure they had fun dressed as cave men and (below) Coventry's Lady Godiva Pru Poretta with youngsters at the start of the children's run D28108_6.
As panic sets in, relationships disintegrate as the women turn on each other in their quest for survival, before turning their attentions to a race of the Crawlers ( a stomach-churning race of cave men who have evolved perfectly to live in their dark and isolated habitat ( and are only too happy to defend their territory.
Chapter Three is the history of hair, from cave men who smeared their locks with mud or clay to the ancient Egyptians who coated their heads with chopped lettuce leaves to stimulate hair growth.
Why,only the other day a brain expert was on the radio explaining how women's ability to multi- task dates back to cave days, when cave men focused on bringing in the food and cave women had to focus on everything else.
They've dressed up like cave men to show how people and dogs first became friends.
How did cave men tell what was good to eat and what wasn't?
We have an old legacy system run by cave men," said a controller of a mid-sized manufacturing company headquartered in the Northeast.
Fossil records placed them in Europe and Asia about 30,000 years ago and they appear to be similar to cave men portrayed in GEICO television commercials.
Asked what he was doing at the point when he was recorded on television, Gannon said: "I was shouting at the [Manchester United] fans in the corner, calling them cave men and saying, 'Get back in your cave, Neanderthals'.
Perhaps cave men dared each other to strip out of their animal skins and sprint six times round a woolly mammoth.
Bowie's voice soared out over the 35,000 crowd and his backing band plugged in as he sung the immortal lyric - "Sailors fighting in the dancehall/Oh man, look at those cave men go" - beautifully swelling the sound.