American Revolution

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It is true that many of the Founders were religious and religious liberty was important to their worldview, but the causes of the American Revolution were fundamentally political and economic.
Taxation without Representation" still adorns the license plates of vehicles in the District of Columbia, which serves as a reminder of one of the principle causes of the American Revolution, and that residents of the nation's capitol have no representation in Congress.
Still others focus on more traditional historical issues, including causes of the American Revolution, empire, economy, class, colonial politics, religion, and religion.
New additions: Key Battles Of The American Revolution 1776-78 (0836859278), Causes Of The American Revolution (0826-859251), Daily Life During The American Revolution (0836869308), Soldiers And Sailors In The American Revolution (0826859294), Patriots Win The American Revolution (0826859286), Forming A New American Government (0836859-324) and Leaders Of The American Revolution (0836859316).
Opposition to these ended up being one of the principal causes of the American Revolution, and of the adoption of the Fourth Amendment to the U.