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an inability to sleep

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Many potential causes of insomnia should be addressed before treating a patient with sleep-promoting medications.
The causes of insomnia are numerous and range from poor 'sleep hygiene' (watching television in bed etc.
Let's try to understand the causes of insomnia, and perhaps you will find several ways to fall into the arms of Morpheus faster.
A new strain of fruit flies bred to have trouble getting shut-eye may open researchers' eyes to the genetic causes of insomnia.
Louis have created a new line of fruit flies that they think have the potential to pinpoint the causes of insomnia in humans.
Common drug causes of insomnia include antidepressants, antihypertensives, sympathomimetics, cancer chemotherapy, certain hormonal drugs, and others (caffeine, cough and cold preparations, opioids, etc.
First rule out other causes of insomnia, such as sleep apnea, other medical conditions, or medications.
Although there are people who need medication to get a good night's rest, a large proportion of America's estimated 50 million insomniacs have sleep problems that could be solved by addressing the underlying causes of insomnia, or by learning techniques to make sleep come more easily.
Apart from poor sleep habits, Brandes noted, major causes of insomnia seem to be psychological distress, such as that seen with anxiety and depression.
The underlying causes of insomnia must be evaluated prior to determining any treatment plan.
RLS remains underdiagnosed and untreated, even though it is one of the most common causes of insomnia, affecting 5%-10% of adults in primary care practices and an even higher proportion of specific populations.
Causes of insomnia can include depression, anxiety, pain and other medical conditions, as well as environmental factors such as jet lag or shift work.