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the relation between causes and effects

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This functionality provides controlled switchover to the back-up clock without generating glitches that can cause system failures--a key capability to ensure increased system reliability in high-performance communications applications such as routers and access equipment.
Device starvation will usually cause an initiator to time out and will cause system level problems.
In severe cases, spyware has been known to cause system slowdowns, illegal operation errors, browser crashes and system failures Websense Premium Group III stops spyware by preventing back-channel information from being sent to marketers.
An irregular voltage problem can cause system crashes.
Through iCore's additional Network Operations Center, HealthCare Access Maryland's service has built in data center redundancy to protect them against the growing threat of cyber-attacks as well as outages caused by natural and man-made disasters, which often cause system outages and downtime.
Designed for zero-tolerance embedded defect environments, CodeSonar analyzes both source code and binary code, to identify serious bugs that cause system crashes, memory corruption, leaks, data races, security breaches, and other serious problems.
Reverted several experimental commits that cause system lag
weakness, corrupt critical system data or cause system unavailability.
The company designs and develop software to recover or retrieve data from memory card, hard drives, and other storage devices for any kind of lost data due to some human errors or virus attack that cause system malfunction.
Cause system or network crashes -- Collect and extract sensitive data to be used for extortion or identity theft -- Act as spammer-controlled email relays, thus perpetuating the spam cycle
Based on a cleaning agent pressurised by a transport fluid, it lears impurities and contaminants that could cause system problems, such as burn out, acid formation, lubricant deterioration and build up of oxides.
A problem with the operation of the Intel 810 chipset which could cause system crashes if the forthcoming product is used with the Pentium III processor has been dismissed as a non-issue by Intel Corp.
This functionality is invaluable for troubleshooting problems with the system's device drivers, BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), operating system kernel, and catastrophic or intermittent hardware or software failures that might cause system crashes or hangs.
We are expecting heavy rains across northern New England over the next several days and those rains may cause system disruptions.
This sort of thing causes delays, of course, but it also can cause system hangs.