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the relation between causes and effects

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When a car strikes a light pole and the light pole falls down, we see the causal relationship.
The mechanism by which coffee protects against risk of death -- if indeed the finding reflects a causal relationship -- is not clear, because coffee contains more than 1,000 compounds that might potentially affect health," said Freedman.
Holmlund, Lindahl, and Plug find that, despite the methodological problems inherent in many of the tools and techniques used to establish the causal relationship between parents' education levels and those of their children, the studies have been successful in the sense that they provide many new insights into the process by which parents transmit education to their children.
The committee documented clearly an association between asbestosis and laryngeal cancer and expressed reasons why a causal relationship seems likely.
Being on the list "does not mean that FDA has identified a causal relationship between the drug and the listed risk," the FDA said.
During aging, reductions in hippocampal neurogenesis are associated with memory decline indicating a causal relationship.
The researchers noted that these results contradict those of previous studies, some of which have suggested that the causal relationship moves in the opposite direction because some people with depressive symptoms self-medicate with alcohol.
As for the 17 deaths reported in association with HPV vaccination, no clusters based on patient age, timing of vaccination, or other factors were identified that might hint at a causal relationship, she said.
There is, in my view, a causal relationship between his work history and his death.
Study leader Dr Mototsugu Kato, from Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, said: "We believe that our data add to those from previous studies showing a causal relationship between H.
Robison does not provide a clinical treatise on his experience with Asperger's and, at times, he becomes so engrossed in his adventures that he neglects or barely indicates the causal relationship between his behavior and the syndrome.
This causal relationship cannot be explained by standard real business cycle (RBC) models.
This population-based, cohort study analysed the Swedish Birth Register records of 151,025 women who had their first two singleton births between 1992 and 2001, in order to establish whether there is a causal relationship between obesity and adverse pregnancy outcomes.
They suggest that future research should examine whether there is a causal relationship between undergoing a cesarean and having a subsequent stillbirth.