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a town in Kent in southeastern England

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14, the independently ordered manuscript dated by Manly--Rickert to 1450--70,(24) tried to cut through the ambiguities and be decisive: 'Here enden the talis of Caunterbury and next thauthor taketh leve.
At the end is a colophon for the whole work in the language used by the d manuscripts and Fitzwilliam MacLean 181: 'Here endith this bok of the talis of Caunterbury complied by Geffray Chauceris of whos sowle Jesu Crist have mercy Amen'.
Ladies; the book of the Duchesse; the book of Seint Valentynes day of the Parlement of Briddes; the tales of Caunterbury, thilke that sownen to synne; / the book of the Leoun; and many another book, if they were in my remembrance, and many a song and many a leccherous lay" (1085-86) suggests that he questions his own "entente," which is precisely what is asked of a penitent in the confessional.