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an auricle deformed by injury

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The percentage of positive history of ear infections among cauliflower ears (8.
cause and condition of the cauliflower ear by an equally random
Injuries are rare, but cauliflower ears caused by heads bashing together sometimes happen.
There's a misfit mouse who would rather read a book then eat one, a rat who schemes to leave the darkness of the dungeon, and a bumbling servant girl with cauliflower ears - whose fates are entwined with that of the castle's princess.
Both patients told me that other fighters in their gym wear cauliflower ears as a badge of honor," says Linstrom.
Hours and hours of sparring down at the gym With cauliflower ears and a nose that bends, Sit-ups, press-ups, and punching the bags, Blood, sweat and tears are his closest friends.
Rugby's a game for hard-cases with cauliflower ears and testicles which poke out of the side of their shorts like voles during scrums.
Mothers of gift wrestlers say they worry about the cauliflower ears, broken noses, and concussions.
The next person who uses this prejudicial term in the offices of The Grocer will get cauliflower ears.
For too long, rugby's image has been cauliflower ears and missing teeth - a pretty boy on the pitch will do our national sport no harm at all.
Women have every right to pursue a career of flat noses and cauliflower ears, but that doesn't mean it should be celebrated.
Apparently envious of those rugged chaps and their cauliflower ears, he decided to go a little better and, in a move reminiscent of Royal Ascot, he festooned his lobes with a few carrots.
He was wearing sunglasses that were held up by cauliflower ears and a nose that appeared to have been crumpled several times.
Jazz / rock-flavoured tracks include Shipwrecked, Blott On The Landscape, Cauliflower Ears and the 16-minute long closing song, Don't Matter Anyway.
VETERAN boxer Bernard Hopkins is 49 and for anyone to still be fighting at that age is practically unheard of in the boxing fraternity - that's because they all have cauliflower ears.