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the mountain range in Caucasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea that forms part of the traditional border between Europe and Asia


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In his index card files in the Library of Congress in Washington is a card from 1883 on which he had written "Title for my book on the Caucasus 'Yalboos or the Great Ice-Mane,' the Tatar name for the Caucasus range."
Europe - Mount Elbrus - 18,054ft / 5,642m - in Russia's Caucasus range To date, fewer than 20 people have stood on both Poles.
In so doing, the Kremlin would accomplish the objectives that it has been pursuing for a long while, on the one hand, whilst on the other hand being able to "successfully blame" the West for the extension of Russia's borders into the South of the Caucasus range because it refused to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South ossetia and thereby "forced" Russia to annex to Russia Georgia's two historical regions.
MONT Blanc (15,774 ft) is the tallest mountain in Western Europe, but Mount Elbrus (18,510f t), in the Russian Caucasus range, lays claim to being the highest in the continent of Europe (Page 23, October 15).
The chapters on the Iranian and Arabic sources present significant material on the Alans since Alania proper was situated on the northwestern borders of Eranshahr (later ruled by the Abbasid caliphate) across the strategic passes of Darial and Darband in the greater Caucasus range. Iranian sources span a substantial period and include Middle Persian, Parthian, and Bactrian epigraphs as well as New Persian literature.
In the Caucasus range, the mountain is 4465m (14, 645ft) high.
The government of Georgia has promised to name a mountain in the Caucasus range after the bodybuilder-turned-star--if he'll accept the honors in person.
Alexey Fogel, an 83-year-old botanist and 50-year veteran of the Sukhumi station, rescued seeds as he fled Abkhazia through mountain paths in the Caucasus range, says Sergey Alexanian, a spokesman for the Vavilov institute.
In the north - the Caucasus range, in the middle part - the Kura-Araz lowland, in the south-east - the Talysh mountains and the Lankaran lowland.
Moscow responded quickly, and a large Russian force, including heavy armour, was sent south from the Russian province of North Ossetia through the tunnel under the main Caucasus range (which the Georgians had failed to secure) on 8 August.
(8) The communities living in the northwestern Caucasus range were known collectively as chertees in Russian (or even as simply gortsy--mountain dwellers, a term used collectively for all the highland communities in the Caucasus range), adygei in their own language, and Circassian in English.
He said that thecompany is working on the formation of a large tourist cluster throughout the Caucasus range, and cooperation with Azerbaijaniresortshave been established in this direction.
In the different natural and historical theater of the western Caucasus range, a separate strategy was required.
It is the first and largest ski resort in the country based in Azerbaijan's Greater Caucasus range. Pure white snow glittering in the sun, wisps of clouds catching the enigmatic peaks of the Caucasus this is the view that greets the visitor.