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of or relating to Caucasian people


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328) See DAVIS, supra note 160, at 19 (recording the opinion of an anthropologist that of the three major races, caucasoid, mongoloid and Negroid, "negroids [have] the most tightly curled" hair and the "broadest" noses).
As Edith Sanders states: "The late 19th century provided two new ideologies which utilised and expanded the concept of the Caucasoid Hamite: colonialism and modern racism.
Thus, the more Negroid or Mongoloid suspect/offender may be treated less severely than the more Caucasoid suspect/offender by the highly bigoted cultural outlier.
Because bilirubin UGT1A1 is the only enzyme with substantial bilirubin glucuronidating activity in humans (8), the presence of this extra TA in both alleles can explain the impaired conjugation of bilirubin found in Caucasoid GS patients (6).
Ethnic affiliation can only be estimated with weak statistical confidence and even then only for that which has evolved as a consequence of continental scale biodiversity and history--such as African, African-Caribbean, or Caucasoid (European ancestry).
It appears that the factor V Leiden mutation is only found in caucasoid subpopulations (prevalence of heterozygotes in the populations varies from 2% to 13%), and is extremely rare among Africans, Southeast Asians, Chinese, Japanese, Amerindians, and Greenland Inuit.
The anatomical features of the skull were determined to be of mixed racial origin, containing Khoisanoid, Negroid, and Caucasoid features (Figure 16).
According to convention all Europeans are classified as belonging to the so-called Caucasoid race, yet there are significant differences between the scores obtained from northern Europe and those from southern Europe.
Michael Bradley aptly dubbed this "peculiarly Caucasoid behavior, Caucasoid values, Caucasoid psychology" The Iceman Inheritance (1981, 3).
at least 6 human races/populations can be defined: the Caucasoid (which include the European and Indian populations), the African, the Asian, the Arctic, the American Indian, and the Pacific one.
Dermatoses that appear red or brown in Caucasoid skin appear black, gray or purple in the pigmented skin; pigmentation may mask an erythematous reaction.
58% 100% Table 7: ABO Phenotypes Frequencies amongst Different World Population Population ABO Phenotype Caucasoid Whites Blacks Mexicans Group-O 47% 45% 49% 56% Group-A 41% 41% 28% 28% Group-B 09% 10% 19% 13% Group-AB 03% 04% 04% 03% Population ABO Phenotype Asians British Indians Group-O 43% 46.
Wherever it could be shown that the African had made early and significant advances, or had influenced other civilisations, be it in North Africa, Southern Europe, or Egypt, it would be seen as a direct result of some Caucasoid minority in their midst or the infusion of European blood.