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of or relating to Caucasian people


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The contribution of Caucasoid and Mongoloid components in the formation of the anthropological type of the Kazakhs was proved earlier by Ismagulov (1970) on the basis of a comprehensive study of paleoantropological and craniological materials.
In two independent, more reliable gene frequency estimations done in present-day western Caucasoid European samples, it was found to be around 1/2200 (6, 7).
criticize racial classifications as arbitrary and of little use in understanding the variability of human beings."' (30) Analyzing and classifying race in a biological or scientific context under the Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid classifications has been rejected by social scientists and anthropologists alike.
As with the Chinese, for example, claims that they are related genetically to Caucasian people, have been refuted on the ground that genetic analysis shows most Han Chinese not to have 'Caucasoid' genetic markers.
The latter move just 'purifies' the concept of race, allowing geneticists to investigate racial groups such as 'Yoruba', 'Japanese', 'Caucasoid' or 'Australian' under the rubric of population, whilst denying that their research has anything to do with race.
I would be jerking around like a white girl--"Dance like a Caucasoid girl!" he would say--and his eyes would track me from one side of the terrace to the other.
JT: Well, Claudia Schiffer, in "Black and White" in the paper she's writing for her class at Columbia, says that all racial categories are anthropologically bogus, that Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid are simply gradations.
I know what a typical black male and a typical American Indian male and a typical Caucasoid male looks like.
They heard the / Southside was a good place to lay low--be cool." "Independence Day 1960" tries to present a history, of the Negro, presumably, in stating: "Around the dawn of time, / before black people were / ever conceived of or invented, / a thousand fires / would / be lit on the Southside of Chicago." This is the history of Negroes living the only way they knew how, with seemingly no influence from the outside (Caucasoid) world.
Hence the origins of the racial term "Caucasian" or "Caucasoid" for those of European ancestry.3
Not surprisingly, Dewar concentrates on some of the most publicized controversies, the Kennewick man, (a human skeleton, about 8,400 years old, discovered in 1996 near Kennewick, Washington, which was reported to exhibit "Caucasoid" features), and the United States' Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) which, since its passage in 1990, has facilitated the repatriation and reburial of thousands of human skeletons.
To clarify the clinical importance of different APL-Abs in the diagnosis of APS, we measured aCL and a[[beta].sub.2]GPI antibodies with 23 reagent sets targeted either at different immunoglobulin isotypes or antigenic preparations, respectively, in 144 Caucasoid patients with the clinical suspicion of APS.
A mulatto resulting from the mating of a Negroid with a Caucasoid human being is still a human being, but she is neither fully Negroid nor fully Caucasoid.
Having met those individuals: Caucasoid, Afroid, and Mongoloid plus one Aboriginal artist, I feel blessed and teducated.