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Synonyms for Caucasian

a number of languages spoken in the Caucasus that are unrelated to languages spoken elsewhere

of or relating to the geographical region of Caucasia


of or relating to Caucasian people


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Interestingly, exposure in Asian-Indians was higher than in Caucasians but lower than in the "pooled" Asian group.
They found that KITLG activation by p53 is crucial for cancer processes, including cell proliferation, and found it was much more common in Caucasians than Africans, explaining why testicular cancer is more common among the latter.
Previous research has shown that African Americans rate comforting messages as less favorable than Caucasians and that they do not differentiate between high and low quality comforting messages.
Forty-five African American and 49 Caucasians with osteoarthritis of the knee completed questionnaires concerning knee symptoms and underwent tests of heat and pain sensitivity.
At a gathering of Korean Presbyterian clergy serving Caucasian congregations, I heard a good response to this.
Fifteen Chinese people and 15 Caucasians living in Glasgow took part in the study.
Women typically had much higher serum levels of CRP than men, and African-Americans had higher levels of CRP than Caucasians.
A total of 44% of the recipients were Caucasian, 29% African American and 26% Hispanic.
RESULTS: African Americans had higher paraoxonase activities but lower diazoxonase activities than did Caucasians, consistent with African Americans having a lower proportion of the functional genotype QQ (QQ 15%, QR 34%, RR 44%, 7% indeterminate), than did Caucasians (QQ 60%, QR 31%, RR 7%, 2% indeterminate).
Hierarchical clustering of gene expression data from 19 African Americans and 14 Caucasians revealed two distinct clusters, one of Caucasian patients and the other of African American patients, with 81% of African Americans in one cluster and 79% of Caucasians in the other.
Subsequently, four groups of students were created: Male Caucasians (n = 108), male minorities (n = 38), female Caucasians (n = 161), and female minorities (n = 57).
Of the other groups surveyed, including Caucasians, Asians, and Latinos, only Latinos were more likely core consumers at 77%.
It usually affects Caucasians and is the most commonly inherited disease in Caucasians in the UK.
Just over half of all respondents (54 percent) agree that the courts treat Caucasians and minorities alike, while 28 percent disagreed.
They are also less likely than Caucasians to get mammograms and less likely to have health insurance, and more likely to have lower incomes, unequal access to medical care and disparities in their treatment.