Caucasian race

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This fueled the fury of the whites, whose deepest fears were over intermarriage and the "mongrelization" of the Caucasian race.
Overall, Caucasian race, younger age, male gender, and lower BMI were all independent predictors of higher exercise capacity.
He selected a skull from Georgia (next to Russia) that he thought was the ideal of the Caucasian race, named after the Caucasus mountains on Georgia's northern border.
26) The Lebanese argued that they were from the 'Semitic branch of the Caucasian race.
That same year the PGA added the following amendment to its constitution, Article III, Section I: "Professional golfers of the Caucasian Race and their assistants, over the age of 18 years and residing in North America or South America, who have served at least three years in the profession (either in employ of a golf club or as an assistant to a qualified professional) shall be eligible for election to membership, and in addition thereto the Association, in representative assembly, may elect any number of honorary members and from said honorary members may elect an honorary president and not to exceed two honorary vice-presidents.
This blood, while it gave him the pleasant features of the Caucasian race, vitiated his moral nature and left it stranded high and dry on the shore of blind ignorance" (221).
Risk factors for bladder cancer include age, tobacco use, occupation (carcinogens in the workplace), infections, drinking arsenic-contaminated water, Caucasian race, male gender, family history, treatment with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, low fluid consumption and personal history of the disease.