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shall be sold, leased, rented or occupied by any other than those of the Caucasian race.
39) In other words, under the statute, while the term black was a broad term that could include racial groups in addition to African-Americans, the term white was a narrow term referring specifically and only to members of the white or Caucasian race.
At baseline there was a high percentage of all respondents who identified correctly the risk factors of sedentary lifestyle (95%), a diet low in calcium (97%), family history (96%), female gender (78%), scoliosis (77%), and post menopause (77%), while a smaller percentage of respondents correctly identified the risk factors of cigarette smoking (60%), use of steroid medication (56%), early or surgically induced menopause (49%), small, thin frame (48%), excess alcohol use (47%), skipped menses (44%), Caucasian race (28%), Asian race (9%), African American race (11%), and Hispanic race (3%).
The factors that most predicted hip fracture were Caucasian race, age of 70 or older, having a parent who broke a hip after age 40, being a former or current smoker, or having a previous fracture.
Emilia mentioned multiple times that Othello was an Ainu warrior, a member of a Caucasian race in northern Japan.
This case was won in part because in 1931 Mexican Americans were still considered part of the Caucasian race, and were categorized as "other Whites" for purposes of distinctions needed to segregate them.
Previous studies had identified older age, physical maturity, and Caucasian race as characteristics corresponding to alcohol use in adolescents.
8: "No lot in this subdivision shall ever be sold, rented or let to any person or persons other than of the Caucasian race, except that this covenant shall not prevent occupancy by domestic servants of a different race or nationality employed by an owner on such lot.
Recent times have seen a prophetic-critical skepticism aimed at the identification of the holy with the male gender, the Caucasian race, the ruling class, and heterosexuality.
This fueled the fury of the whites, whose deepest fears were over intermarriage and the "mongrelization" of the Caucasian race.
He selected a skull from Georgia (next to Russia) that he thought was the ideal of the Caucasian race, named after the Caucasus mountains on Georgia's northern border.