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a number of languages spoken in the Caucasus that are unrelated to languages spoken elsewhere

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Our main goal in organizing the workshop and in editing the current issue is to bring together young linguists working on the relatively less studied Caucasian languages, and to offer them a forum for the exchange of ideas, for comparison of data and of different methods of analysis, as well as for potential future collaborations.
We hope that the current issue will contribute to increase interest in the study of Caucasian languages, whose linguistic systems present many aspects that are typologically rare and theoretically challenging.
Aparag entered Kabardin as abredzh, Abkhaz as abrag', ossetian as abireg, Mingrelian, Svan, and Georgian as abragi, and Ingush and Chechen as obarg, to cite merely a few Caucasian languages. Bobrovnikov points out that although in its original Persian meaning, aparak had negative connotations, the connotations changed when it adapted itself to the Caucasian lexicon; in its Caucasian variant, an abrek is "a prince or nobleman, exiled from society for a crime or other mistake.
Working with the Comparative-Historical Method, he had tried to establish that Caucasian languages were a family descending from a single prototype, like Indo-European or Semitic: his original Japhetic Theory.
Towards a typology of 'attachment' markers: Evidence from East Caucasian languages. In Patience Epps & Alexandre Arkhipov (eds.), New challenges in typology: Transcending the borders and refining the distinctions, 127-148.
In Michael Job (ed.), The indigenous languages of the Caucasus, volume 3: The North East Caucasian languages, part 1, 217-298.
Long-time colleague Sonja Fritz, who edited the manuscript for publication, calls it the first Ossetic grammar that systematically takes into account the results of modern research by specialists of Indo-European and Caucasian languages. Therefore he presents innovative theses and explanation on the history and dialectology of the Ossetic language, and on the areal role it played in past and recent periods.
11); the Urals mark the Eastern boundary; the South Eastern border is the frontier with Kazakhstan, but the gap in the South Eastern corner is defined in a linguistically inclusive way so as to allow an extensive entry on Caucasian languages (all forty of them pp.
Volume two includes articles on Asian Indo-European, Turkic, and Caucasian languages, and various unrelated languages.
Among the topics are the interface between researchers and the native people as exemplified in the Trumai case, linguistic parameters of language endangerment in endangered Caucasian languages in Georgia, and a preliminary study of same-turn self-repair initiation in Wichita conversation.
By the same token, Circassian, Laz, and other Caucasian languages as well as Arabic, Syriac, and Assyrian would have cross-fertilized and enriched not only each other but also Turkish and Kurdish.