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The major types of trees are Caucasian oak, Caucasian and European hornbeam, Oriental hornbeam, Oriental beech, silver birch, birch, yew, white willow, walnut, wild cherry, etc.
Sexual dimorphism was carried out for the same population and then results were compared with mean values available in literature for Caucasian population.
To compare the baseline variables between Asian and Caucasian population, data were expressed as mean [+ or -] standard deviation and were compared using t -test.
Indeed, many of these fighters will attempt to cross the border back toward Turkey, where there is a longstanding North Caucasian diaspora numbering in the tens of thousands.
The participants were 48 Chinese undergraduates (24 women, 24 men) at Beijing Normal University in China, and 48 Caucasian undergraduates (24 women, 24 men) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.
"Our findings indicated that there are no differences between the dimensions and relationships of the permanent teeth of Emiratis and those of other Caucasian populations, namely North Americans, for which diagnostic standards have been developed and used in our profession many years ago," said the specialist.
In addition, immigrants of European descent (Caucasian in our analysis) should be evaluated separately from other immigrants.
Our study showed that the IL-4R Q551R R allele could significantly increase susceptibility to periodontitis in Caucasians, especially in terms of CP, which was more evident in those having a history of tobacco smoking.
Caucasian women were more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but African American women were more likely to die from it.
However, in a recently released study by DeSantis et al., this incidence trend no longer holds, and in 2012 there was a convergence of breast cancer incidence rates at 135 cases per 100,000 women for both Caucasian and African American women.
Participants were healthy UK Caucasian women, and findings were replicated in a control group, also of Caucasian subjects.
Parish-level death rates include all races but all other rate calculations were limited to African American and Caucasian populations because of the small number of Par kinson Disease among other races.
A self-reporting questionnaire was given to 50 Chinese students living in the People's Republic of China (students of seven piano teachers at the Henan University, Kaifeng) and 100 Caucasian students living in North America (from teachers in Ontario, Quebec and various east coast American states) and their parents.
* "We know that African American men have more aggressive prostate cancer than Caucasian men," noted lead researcher Kosj Yamoah, MD, PhD.