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a large region between the Black and Caspian seas that contains the Caucasus Mountains

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President of Huawei Central Asia and Caucasia Region James Chen: The Project will help Vodafone Turkey keep leadership in broadband, digitalization and social safety
Apart from the African Institute at TASAM, other think-tanks also have research centers or working groups focusing on Africa although most focus their research on Europe, the Middle East, the Balkans, Caucasia and the USA within the broad field of Turkish foreign policy.
Bacyk said it is no secret that Russia accuses Turkey of facilitating ISIL in the region and that Russia is increasingly critical of Turkey, complaining especially about the rise of radicalism in Caucasia and other areas.
the municipalities of Taraza and Caucasia, in the province of
7) Las instituciones con menos de 5 estudiantes tomando la prueba son: Universidad de Antioquia (Andes y Caucasia, Antioquia), Fundacion Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano (Bogota D.
From Caucasia to China, the author demythologizes the textual references to women as warriors from the Bronze Age through sixteenth centuries to the present day, female eagle hunter, Makbal Abrazakova, PL.
In fact, offers made by organizations in a number of non-Arab countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Caucasia, India, and Indonesia) were not explicitly accepted in Baghdadi's November 2014 speech either.
Guldenstadt's journey to Caucasia (1768-1775) was an extremely significant expedition from the standpoint of the 18th century's Russian empire.
Plot revolves around a carpenter in the countryside who takes in a wounded warrior from Georgia and enemy Russian-backed North Caucasia.
Gaining the economic, scientific and technological first position in the region of the South West Asia (including Mid-Asia, Caucasia, the Middle East, and the neighboring countries).
As Skinner relates, "Both empires attempted to secure the whole of Caucasia.
En 1984 por decreto ordenanza 1574 se crearon oficinas de Medicina Legal en la sede de los hospitales regionales existentes (Apartado, Santafe de Antioquia, Bolivar, Caucasia, Puerto Berrio, Caldas).
Sobre los macroinvertebrados de los sistemas lenticos se pueden citar trabajos como el de Camacho (1995), quien estudio esta comunidad en tres esteros semi permanentes en los llanos de Casanare, y el de Jaramillo (2003) que analizo la estructura de los invertebrados asociados a macrofitas flotantes y su relacion con la calidad del agua en la Cienaga Colombia en Caucasia, Antioquia.
El proyecto de investigacion fue implementado durante los anos 2011 y 2012 en el departamento de Antioquia, con estudios de caso localizados en el AMVA y los municipios de: Apartado; Turbo; Montebello; San Carlos; y Caucasia.