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narrow platform extending out into an auditorium

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narrow pathway high in the air (as above a stage or between parts of a building or along a bridge)

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To be honest catwalk models today all look alike to me - an endless procession of sour-faced stick insects, all of whom look extremely unhealthy and in need of a decent square meal.
Upon her return, Minnie led the glamorous life of a catwalk model in London in the 1930s.
A FORMER catwalk model is to be buried in the same grave as her lover after winning a bitter court battle.
Photographer Sarah R, an ex fashion and catwalk model born in Solihull, will be presenting the exhibition on February 13, at the Solihull Arts Complex, Homer Road.
The 27-year-old British lingerie and catwalk model said that she has reached the point where the dance show is taking its toll on her and she believes that she is dying, the Mirror reported.
Surgeons miraculously saved his stage voice but fans will, however, note the 'Bearded Dwarf' has lost his trademark beard to radiotherapy and is now as skinny as a catwalk model.
There is no justification for MPs being abusive" The Prime Minister on the reaction of some Members to their new expenses regime "If it was up to me, I would turn a hosepipe on them" Lord Phillips, president of the Supreme Court, on the occupants of the tented city in front of the Palace of Westminster "A catwalk model is a size six to eight.
She said she was "quite offended" by the comment, but is determined to carve out a career as a catwalk model despite making a tearful early exit from the Living TV reality show.
Holly Mitchell, assistant to clerk of the course Chris Stickels, sent branding experts Agency Inc to her father Philip's yard to produce the official advertising to be used for this year's Royal Ascot extravaganza - and ten-year-old veteran handicapper Burgundy, owned by Sandra and Peter Sheldon, shone in his role as catwalk model.
The star contestants awaiting eviction from the Australian rainforest were getting used to life without catwalk model Catalina Guirado.
Ben Stiller's idiotic catwalk model Derek Zoolander is called in from selfimposed exile to travel to Rome and investigate the murder of pop stars such as Justin Bieber.
Look magazine launched the contest to find six of the country's most trendy women to style a catwalk model at The Look Show, which takes place at London's Royal Courts of Justice on Saturday.
RAISING A GLASS: Lembit Opik and his new friend, catwalk model Katie Green
A CATWALK model was forced to ditch her pounds 200 designer high heels yesterday - to pose in red wellington boots.
If I can't race Offshore 2000, I won't race," says the stunning 27-year-old former lingerie and catwalk model.