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a car kept in dealers' stock for regular sales

a racing car with the basic chassis of a commercially available car

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KOURA, Lebanon: "Poor creatures," is your first thought, as an overcrowded cattle truck trundles past you on the highway on its way either from the port or to the slaughterhouse.
The year began with a moan about cattle truck conditions on trains across North Wales - as fares leaped.
John's experience as a stockman in the far north inspired the story of the left behind calf, rescued with great energy by his mother and father as they burst forth from the cattle truck.
General secretary of the RMT trade union, Bob Crow, said: "This report is an insult to passengers who have been fleeced by fare hikes and cattle truck conditions.
A bleating goat was quickly pulled out from the SUV -- that was apparently doubling up as a cattle truck -- by a visibly shaken passenger.
They are driven to the fiesta sites in a cattle truck with their horns already tethered with thick rope.
The armed men loaded the migrants onto the back of an old red cattle truck and drove them to safe houses.
The cattle truck driver suffered only a cut forearm, officials said.
We started licking icicles on metal screws in the cattle truck for water.
Paulajane Finn Put them in a cattle truck and send them back.
The 16-year-old A-level student was the front seat passenger in his Peugeot 206 hatchback when it crashed with a cattle truck near Mold.
But that was in the 18th Century, before the days of cattle truck tube trains, absurdly expensive everything and an insular population so wrapped up in their own cocoons that if you dared to ask a passer-by the time you'd get a look like you'd enquired as to whether they'd just passed wind.
The biggest headline grabber, picked up by the national media, was the charmer who suggested to Tanni that disabled people using trains should be put in a cattle truck.
She said: "The most offensive messages were that there should be a cattle truck at the back of the train for wheelchair users to sit together and that I should not be out at midnight.
A MAN who drove a cattle truck for five days without a proper break has been sentenced to 40 days imprisonment.