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Synonyms for ranch

farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle)

manage or run a ranch

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Mariano said in his resolution that the province didn't deny the fact that both lots are not being used for cattle raising at the time they were bought.
The people of Al Banah village work in agriculture, herding and cattle raising, while others work in trade.
This is an effort to improve the livelihood and food security of our kababayans," Alcala said after the formal turnover of certificates for P5-million worth of projects in support of organic cattle raising in Vuhos in Sabtang National School of Fisheries (SNSF).
As part of the project, representatives of all settlement colonies across Kyrgyzstan received training on managing income-generation units inside settlement colonies, with a special focus on crop growing and cattle raising.
Direct and indirect impacts are consequently being felt within the social and environmental levels since growth in cattle raising means an increase in activities in the local abattoirs, most of which without any sanitary planning.
North East archaeologists Colm O'Brien and Max Adams will make the proposition that Lindisfarne monastery managed an estate in the Cheviot Hills for cattle raising.
Readers of Ali Lewis's compelling debut novel will learn a great deal about the sights, sounds and smells of mustering and, on more general terms, about living conditions on a cattle raising 'station' on some 'sixteen hundred square miles of desert' in Australia's scorchingly hot Northern Territory.
The passport police in Najran also caught 86 illegal foreigners during campaigns it launched in the markets and cattle raising farms.
Wasim al-Shaarani, Head of Swaida Archeology Department, said the discovered houses indicate that the human groups in the area were fully civilized as they knew the cereal farming and cattle raising.
Sales of milk to the government by cooperatives rose 22% last year compared to 2008, while over 40,000 people who have applied for permission from the government to use abandoned lands under usufruct contracts are devoting their efforts to cattle raising.
The border area is currently known better for cattle raising.
It forced the Indians to remain on reservations to obtain food and it opened th plains for the spread of cattle raising.
For successful and ethical cattle raising the cattle-breeders must be well familiarised with the characteristics of the individual kind and category of animals and with their life needs.