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American psychologist (born in England) who developed a broad theory of human behavior based on multivariate research (1905-1998)

American psychologist and editor (1860-1944)

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Meanwhile dozens of former pupils have been leaving stories about their time at school with Mr Cattell, and messages of support, on the Examiner's Facebook page.
I can now report that, in his private diary, Cattell confessed to accidentally destroying the poet's brain, and he agonized over the repercussions his blunder might have on his nascent career.
In empirical studies, he considered three kinds of basic data to capture personality dimensions: (a) responses to questionnaires, that is, the introspection of the individuals about their own behavior (Q-data); (b) third party reports based on observations about the individual everyday life behaviors (L-data); and (c) relatively straightforward measures of behavior controlled in a lab (Cattell, 1965; Cattell & Mead, 2008; Primi, 2010).
A score of 162 on the Cattell IIIB test would put a person within the top one per cent of people in the country.
Camden) reveals the little known writings of American psychologist Raymond Cattell (1905-98) in which he outlined the radical eugenic motivation for his research in personality and social psychology, and the ultimate purpose for which he intended the results.
Neville Wellings (MD), and Mike Cattell, from Bromborough Paints, and Alan Beer (director) with Michael Beer (MD), from Beers Picture: PAUL HEAPS/ph090109kbeers-1
Tom Cattell, 74, from St Blazey, Cornwall, attended a number of Remembrance Day services and last week helped the Royal British Legion collect funds for the Poppy Appeal.
Biographical sketches cover the lives of noteworthy professionals such as James McKeen Cattell, Charles Hubbard Judd, Elizabeth Leary, and more.
Snorekil was invented by Paul Cattell, of Rhos-on-Sea, near Colwyn Bay.
In over 200 articles and 15 books, Cattell (late psychology and personality assessment, U.
Cattell's 16 primary factors have some overlap and he clustered them to create eight second-order factors (Cattell, 1973; Cattell & Kline, 1977) and more recently, five global factors, indicating factor directionality on these polar scales with "+" and "-" symbols (Russell, M.
David Cattell has joined Kemtile Limited as Technical Manager.
Dave Cattell, a member of Labour's Executive Committee in Mr Blair's Sedgefield constituency, was quitting the party today to support independent candidate Reg Keys.
Methods: The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF: Cattell, Cattell & Cattell, 1993) was administered to 630 students during their first year of medical school.
Cattell (1931), for example, from his assessment of teaching attributes fond the following twelve to be in order of importance: