Catskill Mountains

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a range of the Appalachians to the west of the Hudson in southeastern New York

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As city folk continue to flock north to the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains, the urban cool of Manhattan " and, more notably, Brooklyn " are making their influence felt.
Eleven-year-old Sammy Levin has to spend his summer in the Catskill Mountains with his obnoxious cousin Joshua, and worse, Sammy has been forcibly "volunteered" as hired help for the Pine Grove Hotel.
Lori Simpson grew up on Long Island and has many fond memories of spending time on its shores and in the Catskill Mountains.
The camp was started and run by Norman Studer, an educator who believed that city children of all races, creeds, and religions needed to spend time in the country to learn about the rural culture of the Catskill Mountains. He was able to bring us city children not only to the country, but also to the homes of Catskill people: woodsmen, farmers, and artisans who were musicians, dancers, and storytellers.
Lexi was also left a home in the Catskill mountains in New York state.
Hunter Mountain offers a range of summer outdoor activities including a zipline with views of the Catskill Mountains.
John Rexford is a retired Marine living in the Catskill Mountains of New York on disability.
Huges; "Dragon Fire: Finding Voice in the Catskill Mountains," by Leigh Melander; "Deep Song: Envoicing the Motherline," by Marlene A.
I would probably still be a land surveyor in the Catskill Mountains region of New York.
The papers here look at the Catskill mountains and New York state.
Murtha was born in New York City in 1935, daughter of the late Elton and Ranghilde "Rae'' (Sjursen) Stevens, and was raised in the Catskill Mountains, in the Town of Windham, N.Y.