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Numerous environmental factors have been implicated in the decline of catostomidae populations across the U.
lucius, Northern pike 1 (5-1976) Cyprinidae, carps, minnows, & shiners Notemigonus crysoleucas, 2 (1-1976); 1 (5-1976) Golden shiner Pimephales notatus, Bluntnose minnow Catostomidae, suckers Catostomus commersonii, 45 (5-1976) White sucker Ictaluridae, bullheads, madtoms, & catfish Ameiurus melas, Black bullhead A.
Species of Rhabdochona Railliet, 1916 (Nematoda:Rhabdochonidae) are parasitic to fishes infect the intestine mostly of freshwater fishes belonging to the families: Bagridae, Balitoridae, Catostomidae, Cichlidae, Cottidae, Cyprinidae, Gobidae, Ictaluridae, Pimelodidae, Poeciliidae, Schilbeidae, Scianeidae, Siluridae, and to a lesser extent of Salmonidae (Baylis, 1928; Weller, 1938; Gustafson, 1949; Chequette, 1950; Akhmerov, 1965; Petter, 1987; Sood, 1988; Sanchez-Alverez et al.
New geographic distribution records are documented for 17 taxa of Arkansas fishes within seven families (Atherinopsidae, Catostomidae, Cyprinidae, Fundulidae, Lepisosteidae, Percidae, Petromyzontidae) from 15 counties of the central and northern portions of the state.
Catostomidae, and Microtus pennsylvanicus) of the sixteen vertebrate taxa from this site had not been reported previously from the Pleistocene of Michigan.
Reproductive biology and early life history of fishes in the Ohio River drainage, Volume 2, Catostomidae.
Family, species, common name Killbuck Creek 1978 2008 APHREDODERIDAE Aphredoderus sayanus, Pirate perch * CATOSTOMIDAE Erimyzon oblongus, Creek chubsucker * Moxostoma erythrurum, Golden redhorse * Hypentelium nigricans, Northern hog sucker * * Carpiodes cyprinus, Quillback carpsucker Minytrema melanops, Spotted sucker * Catostomus commersonii, White sucker * * CENTRARCHIDAE Lepomis macrochirus, Bluegill * * Lepomis cyanellus, Green sunfish * * Lepomis spp.
958 (creek chub) Catostomidae Carpiodes cyprinus (quillback) 190 0.
It should also be noted that the number of species indicated is certainly minimal, since it involves only four freshwater families (Cyprinidae, Catostomidae, Ictaluridae, Centrarchidae).
New geographic records are documented for 16 taxa of fishes within nine families (Anguillidae, Atherinopsidae, Catostomidae, Centrarchidae, Cyprinidae, Fundulidae, Hiodontidae, Icturalidae, Percidae) from 20 counties of the southern portion of Arkansas.
9) atromaculatus Catostomidae Catostomus 5 (7, 2343) commersonii Hypentelium 5 (2, 281), 14 (14, nigricans 285.
Lepisosteidae, Catostomidae, Characidae, Ictaluridae, Fundulidae, Percidae, and Cichlidae each comprised less than 2% of the overall assemblage.