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Catostomidae, and Microtus pennsylvanicus) of the sixteen vertebrate taxa from this site had not been reported previously from the Pleistocene of Michigan.
Family Catostomidae (Suckers) Catostomidae, genus undetermined ROM 43670-43673 incomplete pharyngeal teeth.
It should also be noted that the number of species indicated is certainly minimal, since it involves only four freshwater families (Cyprinidae, Catostomidae, Ictaluridae, Centrarchidae).
New geographic records are documented for 16 taxa of fishes within nine families (Anguillidae, Atherinopsidae, Catostomidae, Centrarchidae, Cyprinidae, Fundulidae, Hiodontidae, Icturalidae, Percidae) from 20 counties of the southern portion of Arkansas.
9) atromaculatus Catostomidae Catostomus 5 (7, 2343) commersonii Hypentelium 5 (2, 281), 14 (14, nigricans 285.
Lepisosteidae, Catostomidae, Characidae, Ictaluridae, Fundulidae, Percidae, and Cichlidae each comprised less than 2% of the overall assemblage.
vigilax, bullhead minnow 364 422 100 Rhinichthys atratulus, western blacknose dace 2587 1061 575 Semotilus atromaculatus, creek chub 6177 2247 1899 Catostomidae Carpiodes carpio, river carpsucker 490 214 127 C.
cataractae (Valenciennes), N longnose dace Semotilus atromaculatus (Mitchill) I creek chub Scardinius erythrophthalmus NW (Linnaeus), rudd Family Catostomidae (suckers and buffallo) Carpiodes carpio (Rafinesque), W, S river carpsucker C.