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Synonyms for Kathmandu

the capital and largest city of Nepal

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Increasingly, they talk the same language: One firm (Impact Forecasting L.L.C) that says its specialty is business interruption also sells a cat modeling product called "Catmandu," for instance.
Campanella is producing under his 100 Bares banner with Catmandu, also of Buenos Aires, and Spain's Plural-Jempsa, targeting a 2012 release.
"We are used to traveling without highways, of creating our own paths as we drive forward," says Gaston Gorali, creative director general of Catmandu, which made the popular animated TV series "City Hunters" for Fox Latin American Channels.
DURBAN JULY Coral: 7-2 Pocket Power, 6 River Jetez, 9Dancer's Daughter, 10 She's On Fire, 12 Russian Sage, Pick Six, Buy And Sell, 14 Galant Gagnant, 16 Wendywood, Tan Can, Desert Links, Catmandu, Hunting Tower, 20 bar.