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a positively charged ion

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Once the level of disorder surpasses a threshold value, the diffusion of cations is faster.
Meanwhile, no organic -- and easier to synthesize -- cations that can improve both efficiency and stability have been found so far.
These water samples were analyzed chemically for TDS, pH, major cations, anions and total hardness in the chemical laboratory of Geological survey ofPakistan, Lahore.
Rcngasamy and Sumner (1998) theoretically derived the flocculating power of the major cations such as Ca, Mg, Na, K by combining the Misono softness parameter and the ionic valence factor [Z.
Building on earlier conceptual work by Rengasamy and Sumner (1998), Rengasamy and Marchuk (2011) have proposed a generalization of SAR which quantifies both the differing effects of Na and K as dispersing cations diminishing soil permeability and the differing effects of Mg and Ca as flocculating cations enhancing soil permeability.
It is well known that crown ether is a very good chelator for alkaline cations, the co-complexed alkaline cations could approach the central cobalt ions, which is useful for influencing its oxygen-binding capability.
Interaction of crown ethers with metal cations has been investigated since 1970s.
Hence, finding inexpensive and efficient adsorbents for removing cations causing hardness from water resources is an important issue.
Their research has focused on determining potential roles of extracellular DNA and divalent cations in Listeria biofilm stability.
1 to 15 gIL, calculated as the sum of the corresponding metals; c) at least one cation selected from cation of metals of subgroups 1 to 3 and 5 to 8, including lanthanides, and of main group 2 of the periodic table of the elements, or at least one corresponding compound c), wherein the content of cations or corresponding compound c) ranges from 0.
In subacid and alkaline environments, at absence of complexing metals for these cation-exchange resins, usual dissociation with an exchange of cations is typical.
The composition is comprised of a wrinkle reducing agent including at least one fusible elastomer having one or more effective groups for bonding to an ion; a liquid carrier; and at least one salt composition having cations for physical crosslinking of the fusible elastomer to provide elastic linkages between molecular chains of the fusible polymer.
Launched in 2008 by the Scottish Quali cations Authority, it is available again in 2010.