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a process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an insoluble (usually resinous) solid

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The presence of three functional groups, two acid hydroxyls and phosphoryl oxygen is characteristic to phosphorus-containing cation-exchange resins.
Cation-exchange HPLC evaluated for presumptive identification of hemoglobin variants.
2009 Capillary electrophoresis 7% Cation-exchange HPLC 93% Note: Table make from pie chart.
The resulting ash was prepared for strontium analysis using the same process of acid-dissolution, cation-exchange, and filament loading used for the bulk soil samples, including the HF and HN[O.
We performed cation-exchange HPLC (PolyCAT A column) according to (21) and RP HPLC as described in (22).
Sharma, "Reaction of Ethanol and Formaldehyde: use of Versatile Cation-Exchange Resins as Catalyst in Batch Reactors and Reactive Distillation Columns," React.
Cation-exchange behaviour of clay minerals in nature and manmade environments.
Next, we used a cation-exchange column to eliminate [Mg.
The cation-exchange capacity (CEC) of zeolite has also been studied and reported [12, 13].
This balance is influenced by numerous factors, such as the curing temperature (12), the nature of the curing agent (13), the cation-exchange capacity of the layered silicate (14) as well as the nature the surface modifier (15).
Strongly acidic cation-exchange resin, strongly basic anion exchange resin, and mixed bed columns of weakly acidic cation exchange resin and weakly basic anion exchange resin were used with a stevidoside (purity 80-87%) showing recovery of about 79% [10].
The four peptides used in the present experiments were purified through five or six HPLC steps with two kinds of C 18 reversed-phase columns (Asahikasei ODP-50 and Tosoh ODS-80TM) and a cation-exchange column (Tosoh SP-5PW).
Besides direct vegetational observations, soil profiles are documented, and soil is analyzed for pH and cation-exchange characteristics.