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the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church

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And there's shafts of humour, too, including observations about the Italians often 'painting scenes featuring Christ dying in the middle' and how Catholocism's confessions enable you to 'sin all you want'.
A conventional formulation, it is echoed in The Lamentations' warning that `Our [English] peace and security is in great measure bound up in theirs [the German protestants']: their troubles may increase ours' (A[6.sup.v]), which is a restatement of the popular early seventeenth-century domino theory of encroaching catholocism, intended to justify a crusade against it.
First, the pope and his backers, while fighting so hard against Dignity, pastoral and moral accommodationism and theological dissent, are up against Andrew Greeley's "do-it-yourself Catholocism." Hunthausen and Curran and the bishops and laypeople who spoke to the pope during his visit attempted to explain that to the Holy Father.