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cause to adopt Catholicism

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During this time Ethiopia remained outside the formal structures of the Estado da India but a local 'Portuguese' population, a partly Lusitanized and catholicized ruling elite and a powerful missionary presence, kept Ethiopia within the informal empire of Portugal for nearly a hundred years.
In this theory, Slovenes and Croats were Serbs who had been Catholicized and Germanized; Bosnian Muslims were Serbs forced into Islam; even Macedonians, who spoke a Bulgarian idiom obviously distinct from Serbian, became Serbified.
Under such conditions Protestants in Poland worry that they may have been better off under the Communists than under the Catholicized new government.
The daughter of producer Aaron Spelling, overlord of cheesy international sitcom empire, the real jewish princess of the show Tori Spelling plays a conspicuously Catholicized virgin.
The Dominicans, let's not forget, Catholicized South America alongside the Spanish conquistadors 500 years ago, more by force than by argument.