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Synonyms for Catholic

Synonyms for Catholic

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

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In a few years Catholic periodicals would feature scores of articles on something no one ever imagined before: Catholic fundamentalism.
Since I was recently announced as a target of "investigation" by New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, in my capacity as a suspected Catholic-basher, I may as well say straightaway that Buchanan's book is a loopy and inconsistent piece of Catholic fundamentalism and that this-and mainly this-is the reason for its weird and self-destructive sympathy for the fascist cause.
The incentive is more a pragmatic, basic struggling for social and economic justice with a tad of Catholic fundamentalism thrown in.
Dr Mohammed Naseem said: 'When the IRA plants a bomb we don't talk about Catholic fundamentalism.
Although she does a careful, systematic analysis of the bifurcation of moral theology into two opposing frameworks, which she refers to as Catholic fundamentalism and Catholic revisionism, the brilliance of this work is that P.
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