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the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church

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Ideas range from bringing parents into the classroom to getting out in the community and doing more service-oriented projects to help kids understand the Catholic faith in a larger context.
In a March 18 letter to leaders of the Nebraska Call to Action chapter, which officially formed in February, Bruskewitz described the group as "inimical to the Catholic faith.
Archbishop Stack said: "It's hoped that the Cornerstone at St David's, on Charles Street, will offer a focal point for those whs o'd like to find out more about the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith.
We are confident that your Religious Studies program will support your formation as a discerning believer formed in the Catholic Faith community who celebrates the signs and sacred mystery of God's presence" (My emphasis).
Now that is absolutely despicable, you are right S Wallis, heads should roll - starting at the top of the Catholic faith.
The topics of the individual essays vary widely and represent the universality of the Catholic faith in breadth of subject alone.
Father Paul Coleman, chaplain at the Mary McKillop Chapel, said the wedding preparations have helped deepen the star's Catholic faith.
Among those orders, besides the Augustinians, is the order I belong to, the Servant Franciscans of the Immaculata, part of the Apostolic Society of Catholic Faith Communities.
John Henry Newman; a view of Catholic faith for the new millennium.
The Catholic Faith Handbook For Youth is a basic guidebook concerning all things Catholic.
Kennedy ran for President in 1960, his Roman Catholic faith was widely viewed as a stumbling block to his campaign.
For the missionaries, religious conformity remained the overriding evaluative measure; black slaves could be "whitened" through conversion to the Catholic faith.
In the 6-1 ruling, Justice Kathryn Werdegar, writing for the majority opinion, stated that because Catholic Charities employs workers of different religions, it "serves people of all faith backgrounds, a significant majority of whom do not share its Roman Catholic faith.
I was rather disappointed by the Who's Who (January/February) item on Paul Bremer as its conclusion seemingly ridiculed the Catholic Faith of the Bremers and the devotional importance of Lourdes to that faith.
Relentless in his Catholic faith, he devoted his life to helping former slaves, as well as other immigrants, the poor and the oppressed.
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