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the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church

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Moidart is a remote area west of Fort William where after the Reformation, the Roman Catholic faith survived thanks to the endeavours of occasional missionaries and the deep faith of the laity, especially within families.
"Show your Catholic faith and share your goodness to all," he added.
Ideas range from bringing parents into the classroom to getting out in the community and doing more service-oriented projects to help kids understand the Catholic faith in a larger context.
In a March 18 letter to leaders of the Nebraska Call to Action chapter, which officially formed in February, Bruskewitz described the group as "inimical to the Catholic faith."
"A cardinal from Mindanao is a papal tribute to the strength of the Catholic faith in that region of our country.
The movie reminds people of the reality of devil and the power of Catholic faith to ward them off.
Ahlquist said that Chesterton was a critic of "the attack on the family" and the "runaway big business and big oppression of the common man." Chesterton also created "surprising interest" in the Catholic Faith in "a world that is always ready to dismiss it"--prophetic words which may be ascribed to Pope Francis.
THE Archbishop of Cardiff has begun a new "evangelisation initiative" to spread the Catholic faith in the capital.
The fact is that the Pope and the Catholic faith in particular have lost so much credibility in revelations of child abuse spanning over 50 years.
May Crowning, Mass, and Merton and Other Reasons I Love Being Catholic by jazz singer Liz Kelly is a testimony of love for the Catholic faith, particularly the beloved rituals, cherished spiritual expressions, and close bonds with holy people and places.
Mapping the Catholic Cultural Landscape (Fossey & Miller, 2004) is a series of essays compiled "to explore the inculturation of the Catholic faith within a global perspective" (p.
Her most recent one-woman show, Letting Go of God, chronicles her journey from Catholic faith to philosophical naturalism in a comical and thought-provoking yet inoffensive manner.
FILM star Nicole Kidman has rekindled her Catholic faith as she prepares for her wedding to country singer Keith Urban.
"Monsignor Romero was not only loved and supported by people from the Catholic faith but he was loved and embraced by people from many denominations.
Among those orders, besides the Augustinians, is the order I belong to, the Servant Franciscans of the Immaculata, part of the Apostolic Society of Catholic Faith Communities.
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