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Synonyms for saint

a person who has died and has been declared a saint by canonization

person of exceptional holiness

hold sacred

declare (a dead person) to be a saint

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The third part comprises the appendices that list palero expressions, the relationship between deities of the Santeria faith and of Catholic saints, a palero glossary, and a list of research informants.
Australian nun Mary MacKillop, who died in 1909, is to be the first Roman Catholic saint from that country
Australian Catholics are rejoicing after Pope Benedict approved a decree clearing the way for a nun who worked with the poor more than 100 years ago to become the country's first Roman Catholic saint.
Paddy Power rarely shy away from markets where others fear to tread and they look to have cornered the market with their exclusive prices on the next Roman Catholic saint to be stripped of his sainthood.
A woman severely burned when her skirt caught fire while she was praying near a statue of a Catholic saint at a Pacoima church settled her lawsuit with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, attorneys announced Thursday.
A canonized person has officially been proclaimed a Catholic saint.
Magical Writing in Salasaca begins with Wogan's discovery that his name has been written in a death book overseen by Catholic Saint, Gonzalo.
Was Pius XII really "Hitler's pope," as Cornwell contended, or has he unfairly become a scapegoat when he is really deserving of canonization as a Roman Catholic saint instead?
Pope Pius XII canonized her in 1950, making her the youngest Catholic saint.
Recent controversy surrounding Stein's canonization as a Catholic saint essentially turns on whether Stein should be considered a martyr from a Catholic or Jewish perspective; Oben, a Jewish-Catholic convert, makes one particularly salient point, ignored by most other sources: Stein's arrest and subsequent deportation was part of a reprisal against the Catholic Church for protesting the deportation of Jews and the exclusion of Jewish children from Catholic schools (the only schools that they could still attend).
These days, the only battle is making your way through the hordes of tourists lining the bridge, many of them queueing to touch the statue of St John of Nepomuk, a Catholic saint, said to bring good luck.
In March the Vatican declared Day a "Servant of God" and gave a green light to the process by which Dorothy Day, a founder of the Catholic Worker movement, may be canonized as a Roman Catholic saint.
Hurston explains that the Haitian deities, or loa, are "not the Catholic calendar of saints done over in black" (114) and that each lithograph of a Catholic saint is not a representation but always an interpretation of a loa.
In other words, a Catholic saint is not so much a holy person as a person declared "holy" by the pope after exploration of a reputation that arises among the saint's adherents.
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