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19th-century movement in the Church of England opposing liberal tendencies

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But in the mid-1920s he glimpsed the divine in a salon in Meudon that brought together the Old Testament and the New, the Russian emigration and the Catholic Revival.
In a world where it is possible to claim that being spiritual without being religious, a Catholic revival will necessarily happen first within the Church.
Then, as Lynne Cooke (art historian and author of at least one brochure for the Dia Art Foundation) says, Henner, "riding the wave of the evangelical Catholic revival .
What about the Wesleys, John and Charles, leading the spiritual revival of the 18th century, both Anglican priests; or John Keble or Edward Pusey, who launched the Catholic revival of Anglicanism in the 19th century?
Greene's Catholic novels are often, somewhat misleadingly, connected with the literary Catholic revival (1), a term used too inclusively not only about the original current of traditional Catholic literature emerging in France in the 1880s (2), but also about the French Catholic novel of the interwar and post war period.
A ROMAN Catholic revival is under way in Wales due to the number of foreign workers coming here to start a new life.
Dear Editor, I enjoyed Chris Upton's article (Striving for heaven as the chains come off, Post, Feb 24) on the churches of the 19th century Catholic Revival and Christopher Martin's book about them.
Jonas succeeds in proving that the Sacred Heart cult was central to a popular Catholic revival that lasted at least until World War I.
Hace unos anos publique un libro en Gran Bretana y Estados Unidos titulado The Catholic Revival in English Literature, 1845-1961.
Diefendorf has nonetheless given dignity and plausibility to the religious practices of her subjects, and has solidly supported her contention that "The Catholic revival was the product of a vast collaboration between clerics and lay people, women and men.
Viaene engagingly demonstrates how the early archaeology of the catacombs and the popular cult of the martyrs energized the Catholic revival led by DeMaistre, Chateaubriand, and Philippe Gerbet in post-Revolutionary France.
Taken together, they offer an illuminating analysis of the vigorous Catholic revival that took place in Britain during the early and middle years of the twentieth century--but which had largely failed by the end of it.
While much of that discussion is not essential to the story, it is significant that the missionary Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, also known as the Scheut Mission, was founded in Belgium in the 1860s in response to the counterrevolutionary and antiliberal Catholic revival.
O'Gorman's acute judgment gets a complicated matter almost right, but he is off the mark to separate Percy and O'Connor from the Catholic Revival by calling them Catholic existentialists.
gt;From the 1820s to the beginning of the First World War, the "modernizing, secularizing, democratizing liberal project reached maturity"; as it came of age, this liberal movement came into inevitable conflict with the Catholic revival.
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