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Robert Wistrich talks at some length about the ambiguous legacy of both of these princes of the church, and then, widening his scope to the German episcopate in general, observes that their elevation is anomalously accompanied in the document by "utter silence about the German church's acquiescence and, at times, complicity in the Shoah." [37] Unlike their counterparts in France, Belgium, Italy, and Holland, Wistrich observes, leaders of the German Catholic Church, "rather than attempting to guide their flock, tamely chose to follow it." [38] They accepted the Nuremberg race laws and offered virtually no protest in the wake of Kristallnacht.
Catholic church is evidenced by the following facts:
During apartheid, when the government operated two educational systems--one for whites and an inferior one for blacks--the Catholic Church defied this segregation by starting schools that embraced all races.
In the debate over the actions and omissions of the German Catholic Church in regard to the suffering of the Jews during the Nazi era, some have issued blanket indictments that twist the historical record.
Anglicans disagree with Catholic church doctrine of Mary's Immaculate Conception and her assumption into heaven.
Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Minneapolis remove gay pride materials posted on its Web site, saying the Catholic Church does not "endorse the promotion of sexual relations among unmarried persons."
While Vatican II was seen as a step forward, the Catholic Church has continued over the years to proclaim its supremacy over other religions.
It is tempting to understand recent trends in the Roman Catholic Church in parallel terms, as the ascendance of a backward-looking sector within the broader institution.
Catholic church officials, however, said it would be difficult for the church to get by without coerced public support.
In due course we were married in the sacristy of a Catholic church in Montreal, as was the custom at that time.
One correction that needs to be made is that the Catholic Church is a communion of 22 churches, not 23.
Bishop Robinson's consecration also has had an effect on relations with the Roman Catholic church. Frank Griswold, presiding bishop of ECUSA, resigned in late November as the leading Anglican representative on the commission that has fostered dialogue between the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.
Your article "The Dangerous Lives of Gay Priests" [July 23] is a sad statement on the inability of the Catholic Church to deal with human sexuality in a healthy way.
The 74-year-old leader further lauded Rizal for going against the Catholic Church.
Catholic faithful drawn from all over Mombasa diocese congregated at Our Lady of Good Hope Catholic church in Bura Mission, Taita Taveta County for a pilgrimage ceremony.
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