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Duterte said the family planning program of the government is not moving forward because the country's leaders always refer to the beliefs of the Catholic Church.
Father Anthony wrote to the chief priest of the Catholic Church of Uganda suggesting to allow the Brothers, Nuns (Sisters), Reverend Fathers, Bishops and Cardinals to marry and embrace the sacrament of matrimony.
Three serving bishops and two retired bishops have decided to enter into "full communion" with the Catholic Church through the personal ordinariate, the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has said.
Over the last five years I have shown a real desire to become a Catholic and had not one solid piece of advice from the Catholic Church before or since.
And this sense corresponds well to the doctrine of the council according to which all the means of salvation instituted by Christ are found forever in the Catholic Church.
Today he will wear the purple cloak at a Mass marking the start of Lent -- such elaborate garb is rarely seen these days in the new Catholic church, he said.
Richard himself became a Lutheran Pastor in New York City, but in 1990 was received into the Catholic Church.
Sexuality is a major issue in the Catholic Church, which is criticized for any stand on the topic: here's a compendium of leading Catholic theologians, writers and scholars which helps identify major issues in sexuality today which are receiving Church commentary and insights.
A Concise Guide To Your Rights In The Catholic Church
The book explicitly and falsely states that Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular are anti-woman and anti-sex, and further, that the whole Christian story is a fable.
A work of impeccable scholarship, Practices Of Dialogue In The Roman Catholic Church: Aims And Obstacles, Lessons And Laments by Bradford Hinze (Professor of Theology at Fordham University) is an substantively informative, academically rigorous, thought-provoking study of the history of the various practices of dialogue and their effectiveness at every level of the Roman Catholic Church around the globe in the past forty years.
The fictional mystery/thriller deals with a centuries-old plot to cover up inconvenient revelations about the origins of the Catholic Church and a frenzied search for the Holy Grail.
This new pope's order to rid the Roman Catholic Church of any and all gays is going to set the world back about 50 years in terms of acceptance of the LGBT community.
In heavily Catholic New Orleans, some of the money for repair and rebuilding will come from diocesan insurance coverage provided by Omaha-based Catholic Mutual, the largest mutual self-insurance fund of the Catholic Church in North America.
A theologically trained correspondent, Fischer proves himself to be an ideal biographer of the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church as he presents the history of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger for three decades, culminating in his being elevated to the Papacy, facing the problems and opportunities for the Catholic Church in the 21st Century.
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