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Synonyms for Catholic

Synonyms for Catholic

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

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Richard himself became a Lutheran Pastor in New York City, but in 1990 was received into the Catholic Church.
In August 2005 Easterling and her husband, Rick, along with their two children, were received into the Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia.
But off in one corner is a special section of books dealing with the life and philosophy of Roman Catholic priest (turned saint) Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer and the controversial organization he founded: Opus Dei.
Despite official Vatican policy denouncing adoption by gays as "violence" against children, several Catholic Charities offices are helping same-sex couples to adopt.
Sociologist (and Catholic priest, best-selling novelist, essayist, and public figure) Andrew Greeley has been interpreting the Council's effect on American Catholicism for much of the last forty years.
It was formal dispute before a Catholic tribunal, the outcome of which was determined in advance: the Jews would lose and a pogrom would follow.
The actors in the film, to be released Ash Wednesday, speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus that is still spoken today in Assyrian, Chaldean and Aramean Eastern Catholic and Orthodox churches worldwide, and in Latin.
The story was widely covered across the country and the letters and coverage prompted a published response in the newspaper from Archbishop Marcel Gervais, Catholic archbishop of Ottawa.
And that work began in me a reaction which by the grace of God three years later carried me into the Catholic Church.
In September, residents of a Protestant neighborhood in the city screamed curses and hurled stones at young Catholic girls walking to elementary school while television news crews beamed the shocking scene around the world.
Furthermore, Catholic voters preferred Clinton over Bush by 44 percent to 36 percent in 1992 and over Dole in 1996 by 56 percent to 37 percent, with Clinton picking up twenty-four of the twenty-five most heavily Catholic metro areas and the twelve most heavily Catholic states, despite Clinton's and the Democrats' pro-choice and anti-voucher stances.
In this era of mergers and managed care, the Roman Catholic Church is having more of a say in all sorts of women's reproductive health-care services.
Headquartered in Newton Square, PA, CHE is a large Catholic integrated health care system with 33 acute-care hospitals, 45 freestanding and hospital-based long-term care facilities, 13 assisted-living facilities, 5 continuing care retirement communities, 8 behavioral health facilities and rehabilitation facilities, and 32 home health/hospice agencies and numerous ambulatory and community-based health services operating across 11 states.
Catholic schools in South Africa have served the common good by ensuring more equitable distribution of educational outcomes regardless of race, culture or social status," Nathan Johnstone, director of the Catholic Institute of Education, said recently.
Still, more would agree with a reader from Valley City, North Dakota who stopped giving to a charity because "it did not meet Catholic ethical standards.