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According to CardioIQ, electrophysiology (EP) catheter ablation is emerging as the preferred treatment for atrial fibrillation (AF), a common form of cardiac arrhythmia that affects almost 3 million people in the US.
The Catheter Ablation for the Cure of Atrial Fibrillation (CACAF) study was also unique in that it used intensive daily transtelephonic ECG monitoring during 12 months of follow-up, rather than relying on patient-reported symptoms and periodic assessments during follow-up visits, as in the observational studies.
Endosense's proprietary force-sensing technology holds tremendous promise to improve standard of care in the catheter ablation treatment of cardiac arrhythmias," said Dr.
20: Catheter Ablation of atrial flutter treatment of tissue by measuring contact and connector cable.
However, about two thirds of the participants had been treated unsuccessfully with a catheter ablation, suggesting that many patients may simply have a predisposition to catheter-ablation failure.
Other important rationales for an individualized approach to catheter ablation is that it's possible to identify the important triggers and drivers of atrial fibrillation in each patient, and that the end point of treatment in the electrophysiology lab is to treat until fibrillation is no longer inducible and no longer triggered by a dose of isoproterenol.
Indeed, continued growth of the catheter ablation industry is likely to have the paradoxic effect of increasing the use of antiarrhythmic drugs for AE said Dr.
The contract set is designed for electrophysiological catheterization procedures in the right and left heart, including catheter ablation.
In catheter ablation, a catheter is threaded through a vein to the heart.
BOSTON -- Catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation has been set as the sole second-line therapy for all patients in the treatment guidelines scheduled to be released later this year by the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association, and the European Society of Cardiology.
This represents a major step forward in catheter ablation because, with the precise temperature measurements possible with TEMPASURE during the ablation procedure, we can now eradicate this major safety concern for the electrophysiologist.
The most common method of performing this procedure is called catheter ablation, in which a catheter--a thin, flexible tube--is threaded to the heart through the femoral vein via a small incision in the leg or groin.
Catheter Ablation an Option Even with drug treatment and electrical cardioversion, it is common for AFib to persist.
sup][2] Based on a growing body of evidence illustrating its efficacy and safety, catheter ablation (CA) has become an important treatment strategy for symptomatic AF.