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a circular firework that spins round and round emitting colored fire


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Includes a Catherine wheel, 11 pretty coloured fountains, five Roman candles, four rockets and an aerial mine.
Human Catherine Wheels will form part of Search for Fire show
The box includes 11 fountains, five Roman candles, four rockets and two Catherine wheels.
It might have happened in 1605 but people all over the country still go out to watch bonfires and firework displays and it's not just rockets, Catherine wheels and sparklers that keep everyone coming back for more.
There's talk of its evolution, but the displays of redundant bangers and surplus Catherine wheels tell a different story, a poignant reminder of another British industry gone up in smoke.
Caged Modern retelling of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast without a hint of Disney, brought to the stage by Catherine Wheels theatre company.
On to bonfire night with Barratt, and aptly named Catherine Wheels are perfect for firework watching.
Unfortunately a main sponsor had to pull out and the budget didn't stretch to catherine wheels and rockets.
With the nation feeling rather gloomy, there's nothing better than Bonfire night's rockets, Catherine wheels and sparklers to bring a little light into our lives.
Catherine Wheels engages themes of death, loss, and rejection with a sobering kind of steadiness that almost obscures--and finally enhances--the long, slow trajectories of healing.
I assume they were Catherine Wheels because they came shooting across the road and they hit the car.
1-2, Catherine Wheels Company, The Egg, Empire State Plaza, btw Madison and State Sts, 518/473-1845, 518/473-4168
Huddersfield Town were behind the huge event and thousands of onlookers at the Canalside display were bedazzled by the dozens of rockets and Catherine Wheels lighting up the skies.
sparklers, wheels rockets' Back then, there were but a handful of celebratory explosives on offer to the general public: bangers, sparklers, Catherine wheels and rockets.
IT'S the one weekend of the year where everyone gets to scare their neighbour's cat to death by sticking Catherine wheels and explosives on their garden shed or wooden fence made of highly flammable material in the name of tradition.