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a circular firework that spins round and round emitting colored fire


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Includes a Catherine wheel, fountains, aerial Roman candles and a six-shot multi-aerial.
It contains 10 fountains, three Roman candles, one Catherine wheel and a finale mine.
At the end of the story, on an island in the Caribbean, some of the same characters discover another Catherine wheel in the wall of another convent, this one ruined and abandoned.
Something Wishful is Chester's "most spectacular cultural event of the year", featuring fireworks, floating sculptures, human Catherine wheels, a wishing tree, lanterns and music.
There are soups resembling bread puddings, sausages in the shape of Catherine wheels and a whole new take on bubble and squeak.
Bright-coloured Catherine wheels precariously pivoted.
As a child, growing up in West Derby, I remember neighbourhood bonfires, Catherine Wheels (wobbling on posts), rockets, Roman Candles, roast jacket potatoes, chestnuts, gingery Parkin and the familiar smell of gunpowder drifting through the chilly night air.
TNT Fireworks approached its namesake, Atherstone-based TNT Express Services UK & Ireland, to distribute more than 200 tonnes of rockets, roman candles, sparklers, catherine wheels and otherpyrotechnical products.
Theatre company Catherine Wheels presents the adaptation of a Swedish children's tale of a lonely little gentleman.
Huddersfield Town were behind the huge event and thousands of onlookers at the Canalside display were bedazzled by the dozens of rockets and Catherine Wheels lighting up the skies.
IT'S the one weekend of the year where everyone gets to scare their neighbour's cat to death by sticking Catherine wheels and explosives on their garden shed or wooden fence made of highly flammable material in the name of tradition.
Gwyn is a translation of Andy Manley's UK Theatre Award winning production White, originally produced by Catherine Wheels Theatre Company in Scotland.
Take inspiration from sparklers, Catherine wheels and rockets and transform your home into a haven of light and texture for the coming freezing months.
Catherine Wheels will also not miss out, as the hotel brand is offering their namesakes the chance to stay for free too.