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empress of Russia who greatly increased the territory of the empire (1729-1796)

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The autocrats' preference for law as a tool of innovation rather than one of precedence and preservation is also stressed in the section on Catherine II "as legislatrix" in Richard S.
Catherine II, after all, haunted nineteenth-century opera overtly as well as covertly.
Betski, Le plans a statuts des differents etablissements ordonnes par Sa Majeste Imperiale Catherine II pour l'education de la jeunesse et l'utilite generale de son empire (Los planes y estatutos de los establecimientos ordenados por Su Majestad Imperial Catalina II para la educacion de la juventud y la utilidad general de su imperio), Amsterdam, 1775, t.
The main achievement of this lively book is to render a comprehensive account of the various experiences of these female rulers, from the well-known characters (Elizabeth I, Marie de Medicis, Mary Stuart, Christina, Catherine II among others), to the more obscure (Charlotte of Cyprus, Catherine Comaro, Blanca of Navarre for instance).
Born Moishe Segal in 1887 to a poor Jewish family outside Vitebsk in modern Belarus, Chagall never forgot his life in the Jewish pale -- the area to which Catherine II confined the jews of her empire in the 18th century -- and recalls images of Vitebsk in each painting.
During the reign of Catherine II, the status of the Porcelain Manufactory, established in 1744, changed.
He returns to Imperial Russia with his latest book, an in-depth biography of Catherine II, who reigned from 1762 until her death in 1796.
And since there have not been any serious novels about Catherine II in English, this too will make it easier to market my books.
The might and wealth of Peter the Great and Catherine II far outweighed anything comparable in Western Europe, and the two sovereigns bought on a scale unknown elsewhere.
Little Sophie had become Catherine II, ruler of the Russian Empire.
During particular periods, Russians leaders like Catherine II had severely limited the ability of the Orthodox Church to evangelize or reach out to non-Orthodox Christians and Tatar Muslims of the area.
His hatred towards the Muslims was so intense that he confided to Catherine II of Russia: Overcome the Turks, and I will die content.
The Bolshoi Ballet Academy, founded in 1763 by Russian Empress Catherine II, prides itself in producing the best ballet dancers in the world.
BIOGRAPHY Catherine the Great by Simon Dixon (Profile, priced pounds 25) CATHERINE the Great (1729-1796), who ruled Russia as Catherine II from 1762 until her death, remains notorious because of her many lovers, but her achievements are largely unknown today.
On page 219 Marker identifies the person who was to become Catherine II as "daughter-in-law" of Empress Elizabeth; she was the wife of Elizabeth's nephew and daughter-in-law of Elizabeth's sister.