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empress of Russia who greatly increased the territory of the empire (1729-1796)

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Vera Iur'evna Proskurina, Imperiia pern Ekateriny II: Literatura kak politika (The Empire of Catherine II's Pen: Literature as Politics).
Elsewhere in Europe this was the time of the so-called enlightened despots: Frederick II in Prussia and Catherine II in Russia.
"L'amitie speciale entre le Royaume du Maroc et la Russie date du 18e siecle comme en attestent les correspondances entre la Reine Catherine II et le Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah, qui mettaient en avant des relations basees sur le respect des interets mutuels", souligne Ahmed Charai, editeur et membre du conseil d'administration de plusieurs think tanks americains, dans cette analyse intitulee "La promesse du partenariat maroco-russe".
Russian Empress Catherine II had the port of Sevastopol built in 1783.
This country has represented the focus of Russia's plans since it became part of the Russian empire under the manifesto of Catherine II on April 8, 1783, which put "the Crimean peninsula, Taman and the whole Kuban area under the Russian state."
Unlike the operas of Catherine II and her literary and musical minions, these are authors and works that matter greath to students and listeners today; interest in them is not only historical, but aesthetic.
Trademarks "Guberniya Dvoryanska" and "Guberniya Dvoryanska Luxe" remind of the "noble period" of the epoch of Catherine II, when only representatives of the nobility could run the home winemaking.
Her description of Catherine II's local government reform is embarrassing--that of the 1837 reform no less so.
The framework of Monter's book is structured, therefore, around issues of matrimony and inheritance, and of legitimacy and authority in the lives of thirty female rulers from Jeanne II, who became the head of the tiny kingdom of Navarre in 1328, to Catherine II "the Great," who ruled Russia for more than thirty years up until her death in 1796.
During the reign of Catherine II, the status of the Porcelain Manufactory, established in 1744, changed.
He returns to Imperial Russia with his latest book, an in-depth biography of Catherine II, who reigned from 1762 until her death in 1796.
And since there have not been any serious novels about Catherine II in English, this too will make it easier to market my books.