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United States writer who wrote about frontier life (1873-1947)

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"Two Friends" was the best short story she had ever done, Cather wrote to her publisher, comparing it to a Courbet painting--"a sort of romantic realism." Readers of the Woman's Home Companion could find familiar scenes and characters in the traditional story form.
Like the rest of the book, in Chapter Four, Willa Cather's My Antonia shows the conflict between plot and the Emersonian hero, inquiring, "can the modern world accommodate the romantic Emersonian spirit?" (116).
As parents, Carpenter and Cather both said finding time for their families has been a challenge while in school.
The second section "Tradition" defines Cather's relationship to modernism and regionalism through her career shifts and changes to the Introduction as well as her narrative technique in marginalizing violence and darkness to the edges of Jim's consciousness.
"I'm said to be rich now, am I not?" (Cather 1953, 13), Professor St.
Even though Cather based the character of Thea Kronborg on famous opera singer Olive Fremstad, Thea's story contains a lot of elements of Cather's own life.
Cather notes that it's also important to be prepared, get your facts together and know what you are talking about before walking through the door of the legislator's office.
Libby Larsen's Margaret Songs: Three Songs from Willa Cather, are based on Cather's short story, "Eric Hermannson's Soul." This study explores how Larsen delves into the emotion and psychology of character Margaret Elliot.
WILLA CATHER IS AN ENDURING figure in American letters--her works all in print, studied, anthologized, criticized, translated into many languages, and crowned with an impressive three-volume Library of America selection published from 1987 to 1992.
If Cather borrows this mode of structural parataxis, it is not to proselytize nor reaffirm providence but to draw attention to the rhetorical relationship between the work of art and its audience.
In the humanities, though, no such models have managed to take hold, and my broader purpose in returning to Cather is to join in the effort to establish one.
Cather and her colleagues recently completed a claims database study that found psoriasis to be significantly associated with lower rates of pregnancy and live births in women aged 35 years or younger.
Birns (literature, Eugene Lang College) brings together 18 essays on the life and work of American writer Willa Cather. After an overview of her fiction, poetry, and criticism, literature scholars from North America and the Netherlands discuss various aspects of Cather's career, including her literary techniques, reception, the philosophical assumptions behind her works, Native American subtexts, and feminist, biographical, formal, and cultural approaches to studying such works as O Pioneers!, A Lost Lady, "Paul's Case," Death Comes for the Archbishop, Sapphira and the Slave Girl, One of Ours (in comparison to The Great Gatsby), and her short fiction.
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