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United States writer who wrote about frontier life (1873-1947)

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The conclusion, "Cather's Ambiguous Engagement," recognizes that in astutely and acutely engaging that 1920s social world, Cather particularizes the ways in which social structures shape the individual choices and self-conceptions of her characters.
Even though Cather based the character of Thea Kronborg on famous opera singer Olive Fremstad, Thea's story contains a lot of elements of Cather's own life.
You don't have to lead, but you can shadow and get a mentor," Cather says.
BORN IN VIRGINIA AND LATER TRANSplanted when still a child to the vast and level prairies of Nebraska, Cather grew up at a time when the frontier was still open, and when hard-working pioneers--often immigrants from Sweden, Norway, or Bohemia-struggled mightily to cultivate virgin land, as she depicts in two of her best loved novels, O Pioneers
In other essays, the relationship among collaborators is less important than the psychological and creative relationship of Cather to her own works.
Here, Cather dramatizes a moment of audience engagement--a close encounter where subject and object, reader and text, touch and are touched.
Cather admired McTeague--she called it "a true story of the people, courageous, dramatic, full of matter and warm with life"--and her early critical writings are rich with Norris's fear about women's literary instincts.
Earl's brief essay about Cather after her death in 1947 begins with the words "My first acquaintance with Willa Cather.
16) We may appreciate even more fully the denial of Southern history at work in the novel if we take into account the person on whom d'Arnault is held to be based, a pianist known as "Blind Tom" The remarkable career of Thomas Greene Bethune, about which Cather certainly knew, illustrates so many troubling effects of American slavery on national consciousness that the literary construct "d'Arnault" looks all the more like a control device meant to disavow toxic knowledge, even as it insists on recognition.
Born eight years after the Civil War ended, Cather is often identified with pioneer experience and the Nebraska prairie.
Cather opened with a single, but Simard struck out the next two batters.
Cather ine has four grandchildren, eight great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren.
Rather than taking up the regionalist movement that surfaced in the aftermath of World War I with Lewis Mumford, Henry Smith, and Mary Austin, Griffith examines the trio of Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, and Ellen Glasgow, with a special emphasis on their connections as women writers to the regionalists who preceded them.
The three-bedroom detached Cather features details taken from the firm's larger homes, such as a large family area next to the kitchen.