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United States writer who wrote about frontier life (1873-1947)

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Shrewdly, Lillian also argues from history and then deflates her husband's argument as Cather gives her one of the key insights of the novel: "And this reserve--it becomes in itself ostentatious, a vain-glorious vanity" (36-37).
Wanda Carey, Principal of Willa Cather Elementary School, said the benefits of the more than 200 physical activity breaks students and teachers have logged so far this year are evident.
Cather notes that it's also important to be prepared, get your facts together and know what you are talking about before walking through the door of the legislator's office.
Cather teaches us a mode of ethical reading through her formal and thematic representations of smoothness.
A small number of three bedroom are also Cather and Stanton housetypes currently available at Highfield Manor, priced from pounds 155,000.
Cather and her colleagues recently completed a claims database study that found psoriasis to be significantly associated with lower rates of pregnancy and live births in women aged 35 years or younger.
During the late 1980s, when I should have been finishing my dissertation on early modern British theater, I was reading Cather with a passion I hadn't known since the Vonnegut Years.
What we have in My Antonia is provincial material viewed through experiences of world literature, history, and travel--the experiences Jim shares with Cather herself, whose survival struggle to establish herself as a novelist (and not merely a disciple of Henry James and imitator of Edith Wharton) and find her own subject is revealed in this novel.
Favorite authors: Willa Cather, John Milton, Norman Mailer, John Steinbeck; the poetry of Allan Ginsberg and Ilya Kaminsky
When Alice Munro's Recent collection, The View from Castle Rock, appeared in 2006, some of its reviews had an intriguing echo of the critique Willa Cather received from Granville Hicks and Lionel Trilling in the 1930s.
The new-look range, which is being rolled out next month, features a new logo and brighter colour scheme to "make packaging less formal", said founder Justine Cather.
Danny Santiesteban, Rick Asadoorian and Billy Cather singled to start the inning.
The three-bedroom detached Cather features details taken from the firm's larger homes, such as a large family area next to the kitchen.
There is always more to remembering and more to reading Cather than
Prices range from pounds 155,000 for a three-bedroom terraced Cather Mid to pounds 295,000 for a four-bedroom detached Derwent.