Chartres Cathedral

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a Gothic cathedral in northern France

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Pilgrims spend two nights camping and on the Monday after Pentecost approach the beautiful cathedral of Chartres which is reputed to hold the veil of Our Lady.
The most spectacular sight of all, however, was the interior of the Cathedral of Chartres, its 150 stained glass windows holding our rapt attention en route to our hotel in Tours.
Some have noted how Alkbor-ough's maze is strikingly similar to a floor design in the 13th century French cathedral of Chartres.
WOODLAND HILLS -- The gently twisting pathway of a labyrinth beckons at Prince of Peace Episcopal Church, which recently installed an eight-circuit outdoor maze modeled on the one built in the 12th century in the Cathedral of Chartres in France.
The great cathedral of Chartres is a masterpiece of High Gothic architecture, with roots pre-Christian era when Druids worshipped its site.
Contract notice: Case no14v011 - framework agreement for project management for infrastructure operation on the redevelopment of the area around the cathedral of chartres.
FOR FRANCOPHILES: A Radio 4 Book at Bedtime, Salley Vickers''s latest novel is set at the beautiful medieval Cathedral of Chartres and tells the tale of mysterious cleaner, Agnes Morel.