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Synonyms for catechism

a set of questions or exercises designed to determine knowledge or skill

Words related to catechism

a series of question put to an individual (such as a political candidate) to elicit their views

an elementary book summarizing the principles of a Christian religion

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The Cathechism of the Council of Trent, issued in 1566, solidly endorsed capital punishment as an act of "paramount obedience" to the fifth commandment against murder.
Part 2 is an English translation of the Latin and Vietnamese texts of de Rhodes's Cathechism (pp.
The protagonist's endless submission and patient acceptance are drawn out in the structure of the text - I accepted, I accepted, I accepted a litany evocative of a cathechism lesson in church.
UCA News reported that Volume 3 of the Faith Press cathechism, issued in August, has two blank lines in the entry.
In prayer, as The Cathechism puts it, "our first step is always a response," a response to God's gradual revelation of Himself to us, and of us to ourselves.
Catholic theologians, who have long noted how out of synchronicity this section of the Cathechism is with contemporary biblical and theological scholarship, will sympathize with W.
The new Cathechism of the Catholic Church and the General Directory for Catechesis will provide major assistance, but only if coupled with an investment in the improved Preparation of teachers and catechists.