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Chinese evergreen conifer discovered in 1955

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(15) George Best, A True Discourse of the Late Voyages of Discoverie, for the finding of a passage to Cathaya, by the Northweast, under the conduct of Martin Frobisher (1578), B1r-v.
The 58 kinds of conifer needles of Pinaceae were classified into 10 genera, including Pinus, Picea, Keteleeria, Larch, Cedrus, Cathaya, Pseudolarix, Pseudotsuga, Tsuga, and Abies, for the comparison of content differences of shikimic acid and the sample numbers of each genus were 27,10, 6,1, 3,1, 1,1, 3, and 5, respectively.
China has more than 31,000 higher plants, 256 endemic genera, and 15,000 18,000 endemic species (50-60% of the total on earth), many of which are living fossils, such as dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu and Cheng), ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba L.), silver fir (Cathaya argyrophylla Chun and kuang), and tulip tree (Liriodendron chinense (Hemsl.) Sarg.) [51].
The American company finalised the deal after providing the final payment of USD19m using a USD36m funding from Cathaya Capital, ZAP said in a press release.
Drawings and description of the genera Abies, Cedrus, Pseudolarix, Keteleeria, Nothotsuga, Tsuga, Cathaya, Pseudotsuga, Larix and Picea.