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Turkey vultures belong to the falconiform cathartidae group and widely inhabit North and South America, from southern Canada through to the Falkland Islands.
The most characteristic birds of the coastal desert are large carrion-eating vultures (family Cathartidae) such as the black vulture, also known as the black buzzard or carrion crow (Coragyps tratus); the turkey vulture or turkey buzzard (Cathartes aura), known locally as the jote, which takes eggs and chicks from the colonies of seabirds on the guano islands near the coast; and the Andean condor (Vultur gryphus), which feeds on the corpses washed up by the sea.
The DNADNA hybridization tree is rooted with two outgroup taxa: Cathartes aura (Turkey Vulture), representing the family Cathartidae, the New World vultures, and Plegadis falcinellus (Glossy Ibis), representing the family Threskiornithidae, the ibises and spoonbills.
Not all vultures operate in the desert, nor are they all winged creatures of the Cathartidae family, identified by their dark plumage and naked head and neck.
Neither Accipitridae family species documented in the area (n =15, Mdn = 480 g) were found to collide with windows, nor Cathartidae family species (n = 2, Mdn = 1600 g).
Durante ocho meses se registraron 22 especies de rapaces diurnas, de las familias Cathartidae (2 especies), Pandionidae (1), Accipitridae (14) y Falconidae (5; Cuadro 1).
Entre las aves residentes, las familias Ardeidae, Tyrannidae, Icteridae, Emberizidae y Rallidae tuvieron el mayor numero de representantes, mientras que las familias Cathartidae, Falconidae, Furnariidae, Jacanidae, Mimidae, Picidae, Podicipedidae, Psittacidae, Threskiornithidae y Tytonidae registraron solo un representante.